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Wasnt i allowed to if there was nobody?

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You just reported...yourself for spamming?
I tried to prove a point of some kind but this was also kind of a joke

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Yes, Pokemaster said in a Meta Question, that seems to have been " Cleaned up "
That you can spam in the chat if you're alone, and nobody is there, but must stop if someone comes in.
Although I personally don't see the point in doing that anyway, thats what Notepad is for.

All the same, Yeah, its " Okay " To spam in the chat if you're alone, as long as you stop when anyone else comes in.

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Well it's still stupid to spam the chat whether there's people there or not. I just said it doesn't really matter that much if no one sees it.
Thats my Opinion, I mean, why not just do it on Notepad or something.