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I just noticed that voting and adding to favorites is possible on closed questions, and it seems dumb that I can still do stuff to a question after it's closed.

Agreed, but I don't think it the best idea to remove flagging on comments. Can't think of many situations where flagging on comments on closed questions would be useful, but I'd rather keep the ability.
I understand disabling voting on closed questions, but I think that flagging and adding to favorites should definitely be allowed. There's currently no way to see a list of what questions are closed and which aren't, so the best mods and editors can do when looking for closed questions to take care of is either flag them and keep them flagged, add them to our favorites, or just scroll through the list of questions, looking for closed ones.
Ideally, it could be added to filter: closed questions only. This would probably only be a option for mods, though.
Do they not automatically get hidden after a week?
As far as I know, no, they don't.

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