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The Black and White movesets have been revealed and things seemed to have calmed down a little since the games' release. So I think it's time to have a start on movesets for the brand new Pokemon!

You can check our pokedex at http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/black-white-stats
Serebii and other sites should have moves as well.

I'm going to lay down a few ground rules just so everything runs smoothly and neatly and we are not overrun. Mostly these are just common sense.

‣ No more than 8 questions* on the first page at http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/questions
In other words, if that page already has 8 moveset questions, don't ask more until a couple have dropped onto the second page.
‣ No members to ask loads of questions all at once. Please give other members a chance in case they want movesets for a particular pokemon.
‣ Always search before asking a question. Also, the current names are translations and can vary a little (e.g. Aakeosu vs Aaekeosu).
‣ Start with better pokemon. Obviously it's opinion which are better but no one probably cares much about a Miruhoggu moveset (except me-trachy) so we'll leave those until last. As usual, final-evolutions only.
‣ No event legendaries at the moment since we don't have all the details. There may be more details revealed later on. (Legendaries you can catch in the games like Reshiram/Zekrom are fine.)
‣ Including a link to a pokedex is useful, so others can quickly jump to see the stats/moves, e.g. http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/635 for Sazando.
‣ Don't accept answers for now, just vote up the best answers.

‣ You can post your suggestions for movesets in each question. If you asked the question and you have a moveset, put it in an answer instead of the question, so others can vote on it.
‣ Feel free to include abilities, natures, items and EVs if they are useful.
‣ Keep the move format simple, e.g. a basic list of moves, plus explanation where necessary.

  • This number may be raised/lowered depending on how it goes. The reason is to stop moveset questions clogging up a whole page of questions.
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Moveset example would only be best for Milotic.
I care about Miruhoggu. That Hypnosis seems nice.
Lol at your edit, trachy. Also yeah that moveset was the first combination that sprang to mind since it's pretty much Milotic standard. (I took it out the post anyway.)

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Going in order does make it easier to do movesets however. Knowing who we haven't done. I just skipped Jaroda as I thought someone else wanted that one for asking. For translations and spelling, we should go with how it goes on this site.

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Yes I guess so, but it would be nice to also do some of the more popular choices first. I will try and keep tabs on which ones we have done...
Okay, so I'll just do Pokemon like Ononokusu, Desukan, Rankurusu, Shanderra, and Urugamosu first then.
I did jaroda thank you