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This thread serves as a resource for everyone to help tell apart members of the site on Discord, where their identities may vary from those which they use here. Post your username and tag combo here to help others recognise you on Discord -- you can find both in the bottom-left corner of Discord's main UI.

Furthermore, adding your username to the list will get you the Verified role on the PokeBase Discord server, which grants you extra powers as outlined in the main thread. Alternatively, if you would rather not make your tag public, you can message your combo to someone with sufficient permissions on the server, and they can get things done that way. You should also do that if you think we missed you.

To keep this thread from showing up as much, post your combo as a comment instead of an answer. A grey button in the bottom-right of this post will let you do this.

If you change your username or tag, you'll keep your Verified role if it was assigned already: though you may still want to update your post here to make sure others know who you are.

Thanks SYL and Rick Gastly for making sure this thread exists :)

Why were you flagged?
lol that was me. I must’ve accidentally hit the flag button. I removed it.
Username: KirbyCuteKing
Tag: KirbyCuteKing#0326

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Make sure to post your username and tag as a comment instead of an answer, as it will help this thread clog the navigation less. Feel free to post it on the original thread, or on this one.

Azure#0298 is my discord
ayan thee stallion#4457
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Just bumping this to say my username is DisgruntledGoat.

Everyone else continue to do the comment thing on the other answer :)