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They are always on the showdown server but I never see them do anything.

Azelfeo, It's possible Glitchre is one of those accounts that didn't post anything on this site at all so I'm pretty sure you shouldn't judge on that.
@SYL! - I know :P.
@Octazooka - I have an idea. Next time you see Glitchre on Showdown, ask him/her who he's/she's called on this site.
@Azelfeo they are AFK tho. Today they just disappeared right now
Okay (filler).

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A user named skrelptile.

He told me.

Oddly enough, I never heard that name before.
Skrelptile with a capitol S. Also, Skrelptile made an answer before you, but you can't see it because it has to be reviewed :P.
can confirm, except it never got reviewed