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I know it's a bot, and that it works on AI. It's mostly asked questions regarding movesets of pokemon, but on some occasions it's also edited posts, like this one.
This leads to the question, is MovesetBot a manually operated or an automatic bot? Or is it both?

I think it's just a second account operated by pokemaster.
But then it would mean PM himself would have to go and post all the new pokemon moveset questions everytime GameFreak releases a new batch. I honestly used to think it was automatic because of this.

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Sadly, there's nothing automated about MovesetBot :(
It's just PM on a second account churning out the moveset questions.

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PM has a dupe. Banned.

Make it Super Admin imo.
Oh god. I don't even know what I'm supposed to say for that torture. Thanks though!
That must take a lot of  time though...shame it can't be automated.