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I have no high hopes that this will be added, considering the amount of time and effort it would take, but it would be cool to see people's cool art and submitting them for the DB users to see, and it could have a like/dislike system, and there could be a filtering system by likes, dislikes, least viewed and most viewed, and the time it was posted. Once again, this would probably take a long time to make, so I don't expect in in the near future a gallery, but this is just a suggestion.

There are like 2 artists on this site
Why don't you submit art to a site that already has a gallery?
I doubt Pokemaster will ever make this. If we get a forum, we'll put this content on it. Otherwise, maybe use our Discord if you want to share artwork with this community in particular.
There is now an art channel in our Discord server:

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