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How many points do you get for doing each thing on Pokebase?

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Asking/answering questions gives you 0 points. (new update:D)

Selcting best answer gives you 2 points

Getting best answer gives you 20 points

Getting up-voted gives you 10 points

Getting down-voted makes you lose 10 points

Down-voting makes you lose 2 points

Pokebase Point Equation: (# of BA selected)x2 + (# of UpVotes)x10 + (# of BA)x20 - (# of Down-Votes given)x2 - (# of DownVotes)x10

This applies to all 3 sections of Pokebase. These point values are subject to change as Pokemaster sees fit. They've changed in the past, and certainly can change again.

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Thanks ninja i needed that
Yup :D
But how do you get points at first place?I don't have enough points to vote others yet... Getting your answer selected as best answer?
Just ask good questions and give informative answers and you'll eventually get enough upvotes to be able to vote.
Getting your answer chosen as best will help too, since it gives you 20 points, which is the same as 2 votes.