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what if someone were to make a differnt account to vote them sleves up? i know lots of people share comuters and may have multipule accounts on pokemondb (not to vote them seleves up for diffenrt people in the family)

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Usually people do it rashly, meaning they give themselves lots of points at one time. This makes it easy to see. He also uses something called an IP address, but I don't know what it is...

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Pokemaster and moderators can check IP addresses, so if many upvotes are given to a user, Pokemaster/moderators can to see if it's a duplicate account.

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whats an ip adress?
IP address is a code thing is your computer(or other internet using device) uses to connect to the internet. Say if you make two accounts, Pokemaster can see if the two accounts have been created by the same person using the IP address.
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pokemaster can check who upvotes who, veiw their email, and computer usage areas

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