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What if moveset bot asked LC stuff too?

is there a specifc reason for only moveset bot to ask these?
No basically what I meant is I just wanted it because lets say some guy wants to make an LC team. He knows the pokes he wants to use, but he wants a moveset. Nebby told me that I should limit those types of questions. So do i just ask like 2 everyday or something?
There’s no specific limit. Just don’t flood the recent questions page. Someone will tell you to stop if you’re posting too many.

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This has already been answered elsewhere, but I can’t find the thread. Little Cup moveset questions are asked by users, and that isn’t likely to change. There currently aren’t any issues with users asking them.

Honestly though, I feel like this defeats the purpose of movesetbot. If there weren't any issues with users asking lc movesets, then there shouldn't be much issue with regular moveset questions. I do agree with why we do have movesetbot ask moveset questions but its a small but weird inconsistency that it doesn't do the same for lc questions.
LC questions were and are much more niche. There isn't a lot of advantage to posting one. Posting a brand new moveset for a brand new Pokémon would get you a lot of points.

Additionally, several people would post the same moveset question. How would we decide which of them stay up? If 5 people asked what's a good moveset for Inteleon, how would we decide which one stays up? Favouritism? This hasn't happened yet for LC so this isn't an issue for that.

Lastly, PM is already busy. People don't even ask LC questions that often, why add work to his load when people are hardly going to actually use it
That's fair, its just the inconsistency bothers me. But since this inconsistency is harmless I'm just gonna try and ignore it.
The different is that LC movesets are asked if and when the need arises from a user, so we don't know ahead of time which ones people will want. Whereas regular movesets are done for every Pokemon.