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What does it say when you try to ask something?
After i put my tags in and select ask question it just stays still.I thought it was my browser but it lets me ask questions on meta so i dont know what it could be now?
Ahh, That's too bad.
maybe try again if you already haven't.
Okay i will hope it works:}
is it a team question? If so ask it in the battle subway
No i wasnt but thanks for the help Tysonyoshi

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If you are trying to use a tag that doesn't already exist, you won't be able to post. A big error message comes up to tell you that.

You just have to choose tags that already exist (e.g. the ones that come up when you type something). Tags are keyword that help identify and categorise the question.
"not", "able", "to", "ask" are not tags.

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if you want you can tell me the question and i can ask it?
Okay MewCreation i will but give me a hour before i will be back on i will comment right under this?Thanks
Thanks MewCreation:} For The Help But i Changed My Mind.I Just Would Like To Ask Questions On My Own.And Do You Know Any Reason Why I Wouldn't Be Able To Ask Questions?Can't Pokemaster Or Someone else like Go Into My Account And Try To Ask An Question And See What Im Talking About Just Asking?
Does anybody even use tags? As in, use them to search for like questions.
Im really not even sure trachy.But I would just like to be able to ask questions on PokeabaaseQ&A! And Im not directing this to anyone but Pokemaster are you doing anything to help solve this problem?Been going on one two many days:{