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I feel that in addition to the Unused page having the type combos; only used by Legendary Pokémon and Mega Evolutions, it would make sense for it to also have the type combos; only used by Alternate Forms.

Even though it's used for those alternate forms of the Pokémon, it isn't used by new regular Pokémon.
In the same way that the aforementioned Legendaries or Megas types aren't.
Types that, a handful of which I could see coming back, in new Pokémon - such as Ice/Steel or Poison/Fairy.

It would in addition to filling out the page, also give an easy way of knowing; what types are yet to be used by regular Pokémon.

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Funny enough I did include alternate forms when I first made a version of this years ago. At that time it was only the Rotom forms so I scrapped those when I made the page to keep it simpler.

But I checked and there are a few different alternate forms with unique types now. So I updated the page to add them! Let me know if I made any mistakes.

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Wow! That's very fun to learn about, also yes I can imagine it having been scrapped for the simplicity.
Also also, other than the to be alternate forms; Husian Zorua and Zoroark's Normal/Ghost, everything seems in order!

I was a bit confused at Psychic/Ghost and Dragon/Ice, being that Lunala and Kyurem has them respectivly.
But I suppose, it is really only used by other forms otherwise.

Especially Kyurem, being the only Dragon/Ice, even in their other forms.