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After I painfully learned what the battle subway was used for, now seeing all the "Thank you, Pokemaster!" "Questions", I'm wondering what Meta is really used for. I thought it was a place where people can leave comments/ideas to make this site better. Now, I have NO idea on what meta is used for!

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It's for posts regarding the site itself. This includes:

  • Questions on how Pokebase works (e.g. what are points for?)
  • Questions regarding Pokebase rules
  • Suggestions for new pages on the main site and new features on Pokebase
  • Errors (bugs) found in the site, for example if it said on the site that a Pokemon learnt a certain move but they actually don't.

Posts like "Thank you Pokemaster" aren't what we usually have on here but they relate to this site so they're OK in small doses.

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I am so going to spam thank you posts. :P