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Unfortunately, it's not a remake of Ruby/Sapphire or Gray, but its an RPG game.

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still looks like it could be fun. Maybe
I do not think that, that one is part of the main series. It seems more like things like Pokemon Ranger or Mystery Dungeon. They will probably make the Ruby/Sapphire remakes next year.
Hey Ike, Fire emblem with Pokemon? XD
looks something like pokemon rumble with better sprites and real pokes.  probably like a regular rpg, explore and level up.
hmm I have to agree with SF it does look alot like Mystery Dungeon and Rumble only better

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Yeah I mentioned it on Twitter but I'll write a news post about it soon. But the game is probably only going to get released in Japan, I mean who's ever heard of Norbaursjkowhatever Ambition?

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