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It seems that few of the newer users are using the chat, maybe they feel a bit excluded like they are not welcome. Because you only usually see a certain group of People on the chat because the newer users do not think they will make friends. Most of us already say "Welcome to the site" when we see a new user on the chat, but a lot of the time they are excluded from the conversation after that. I suggest that maybe we set up a few users to welcome them further as part of what they do. Example when we see a new user we say "Welcome to the Pokemon database" then follow it up with several tips, and suggestions and try to help them to be better users. Not only will this make more people attracted to the site, but it will reduce the amount of bad questions and answers on both the Pokebase and the Battle subway. I would suggest that we have some users who are frequently on the chat to join in. Also maybe when we see a new user make a post we welcome them there and invite them to chat some time for a proper welcome.

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Good idea! I like it and it would helpful to all of those who are both new and older (but unexperienced (such as myself...)). It would be good to explain what all the abbreviations mean because the more experienced users use them more often. I would volunteer, but I don't think I am ready quite yet. But overall this is a good suggestion other than the fact that life is unpredictable and it isn't always guaranteed that a user can be on here. So to sum up, this would be very helpful.

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I don't think we need any "committee" or anything, but yes it would be great if all users could try and include others. But sometimes it's just not easy to join conversations already going on, whether you are a new user or not.

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