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I'm a newcomer on this website (hello, by the way) and I always had the idea that, when a person becomes registered to a semi-social, semi informative website like this one, they are introduced to various other users. Is that a stupid idea, or does it happen to most? If the latter, then why haven't I been introduced?

By the way, commenters, I don't mind if I get insults such as, "What a stupid question" in the comments. I just have little clue as to what's going on online, and this was the best I could word my confusion.

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Just go on chat and introduce yourself. Welcome by the way :)
NO. >:C
lets have welcome party now! hooray!
No, we don't, but welcome! And tbh if we threw a welcome party for every new user, we'd have 6 or 7 a day.
Lawl Will
Thanks guys.

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No, we don't have any of that at the moment (although some people are kind enough to greet you on your wall if they bother to do so).

If you meant something like a computer doing something like posting on your wall and giving you a brief intro, I'm not sure that's possible, and if it was it'd probably be hard to do (though I'll need Pokemaster to get a definite answer to that). If you meant something like a system where a mod greets you or something, the chances of the happening are basically zero. We already have to run the Admin on the PokeBase, manage the site, etc. and somehow having to go through a list of new users and greeting them seems a little pointless when 80% of them don't even do anything with their account.

As Once said, go ahead meet a few others in the chat room. And if you want to get a good idea of who some of our most active and well-known users are, check out our list of users. They are all very skilled players, and most of them are active, so you'll probably see them sometime in the future.

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