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Couple things.
1. Some users only use chat
2. 22 points isn't much at all
3. PM already said that he won't delete accounts.
dude at least i try to answer and just because of thid dumb question i have -14 points...
Well, a least some people would be nice to upvote you back up.

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Look at just about every other forum site in the internet; the exact same thing happens to them. It's their choice not to use their accounts; some people make an account in case they want to post later, or because they just want to lurk (which means just look through the site without posting anything). There is a good chance they simply forget about the site after making an account!

Also, deleting those accounts is pointless for these reasons:

  • Those accounts are not harming us in any way. Why make PM do the work to delete them? There is no point in it at all. He could spend that time on something worthwhile.
  • What if they come back later? I know plenty of people who have come back after several months of inactivity.

Also, some of them actually have made posts, they were just rejected/hidden for breaking a rule. PM has also stated he won't delete accounts, so basically the answer is no.

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but take out everything but the first paragraph
I see no point.
Think of it as extra information.
The irony is that this situation is the exact same as what you are requesting I remove described.  What does removing that info achieve? Nothing.
upvoted cause i was one of those people who completely forgot about their accounts and then returned 7 months later :P