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I have 224 points in the pokemon q&a section of this site, however these points don't seem to travel, or move :/ they are only for that part of the site. To be honest, I'd be fine with this, but due to the lack of points being apart of ALL the site, then it gets kinda hard to do stuff on the other sections.
For a example, I have enough points to up vote, down vote, post on walls, etc on pokemon q&a, but I do not in Meta or Battle Subway :/
Why is a thing this?


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This is a way of seeing the users reputation on each section of the site.

For example I contribute a fair amount to the Meta but I suck at battling so I don't use the RMT.
If my points travelled then I would appear I was better at team rating / battling then I actually am.

So it's better if they don't travel otherwise you'd get people asking me to rate teams more often and that would be disasterous.

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