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Besides you pokemaster or test accounts

Why do you want to know?
fealt like knowing maybe some old wisdom i could borrow ._.

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A user called metalmaster.

The first user who is still around today is DarthDestiny, who was 7th to sign up overall.

And speed freak will like this, the 6th member overall was called "piepienumnum" :D

I thought YOU were first :D :D :D
Tyson said "Besides you pokemaster".
Irrelevant :D :D :D...but to be honest, I just read it, too _D
what am I?
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Actually, Pokemaster's answer is wrong. Surprisingly. Although there is probably some twisted logic behind this that I might need to know about.

metalmaster is not actually the first user on the site. (Except Pokemaster) Metalmaster joined on 26 April, 2010. But the person who asked the first question on the Pokebase (except for PM's test questions,) is actually the first user as well. (Again, except for PM's test accounts. xD)

Mewthree joined on April 20, 2010 making him the oldest user on the site bar Pokemaster.
Someone already figured this out on his wall, surprisingly.

Hope I helped. :)