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I just want to know like which person decided that MovesetBot is only allowed to ask the Final Evolutions and the Non Evolutions Movesets?

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I'm 99% sure it was Pokemaster.

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MovesetBot belongs to site admin Pokemaster. He has the posts made on the account. As he states here, moveset posts will be made periodically:

UPDATE: the moveset questions have started! The starters are the first to go, there will probably be 2-3 new questions aksed every other day or whenever the front page is bare of moveset questions.

You seem opposed to the concept as a whole? We do it this way so that the Q&A does not get clogged or flooded with these moveset posts any more than it already does. If standard users could posts these, it's not unlikely they'd quickly send other questions down the activity list as moveset posts can be answered and bumped up endlessly. This special account allows us to control the flow at which these posts are made, so they don't interrupt other questions or shift focus away.

The posts MovesetBot makes are prioritised based on which posts were voted on by the community in this thread. If you're unhappy with the current priorities, consider suggesting a Pokemon there: if others agree, the Pokemon's thread will be posted more quickly.

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I believe it was also implemented because asking moveset questions was an easy way to hoard upvotes.