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I think it would be helpful for new users to know who's staff and stuff, because that's important to know, right? Can you list them all below?

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That means MovesetBot will be ahead of all.
So? MovesetBot is our lord and savior so dont diss him.

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(Note: I modified your question so that we can make this answer the official source for the staff list. Others are welcome to update this whenever it changes. Also someone else can add the Showdown staff, I'm not familiar with who's on there and their usernames.)


  • Pokemaster (I run the entire website, of course)


  • DarkTyphlosion
  • trachy
  • ~-~WILL~-~
  • Mewderator
  • Ninja
  • Aura Warrior
  • &Psychic x
  • MovesetBot


  • Blobyolo
  • DarthDestiny
  • Josh
  • ƒιzz
  • |SentByRavens|
  • Speed freak
  • Swampert

PokemonDb Showdown server

~ PokemasterDB (Pokemaster)
~ Scizornician
~ Nindzya, Kawaii Nindzya, Ninja-Sensei
& TestingAlt123, Mewderator, Manaphy :3 (Mewderator)
& Psychic x, Holy Mike* (Psusnis◇)
&MudoTyphlosion (DarkTyphlosion)
@ InSylveonWeTrust (Aura Warrior)
@ Aeternis, The Legislator, Judex
@ InfiniteAffinities, Lenub (Lust for Glory)
% Catnipz, Kazemon, Yoga Catz ($tarPower)
% Hotcakes, Queen Cakey
% Sempiternus, KnightofDragon
+ MrKijani
+ Poke'slash
+ Flafman, Old MacFlafpert (Flafpert)
+ xFizz~

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