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The staff of PokeBase strongly believe in a safe environment for everybody to connect over our favourite game. However, as with any online community, we must consider the issues of privacy and safety, especially as this relates to younger users. Please read this post about internet safety on PokeBase.

PokeBase has features where you can chat to other people and send messages to their user pages. This interaction can make you feel a personal connection with randoms on the internet. Internet friends can be great, and most people have good intentions. However, the anonymity of the internet (and PokeBase) can give a platform for unscrupulous individuals to cause trouble.

Staff will do what they can to keep bad people out of the community, but please remember the following advice so you can protect yourself too.

  1. It is impossible to know that a person really is who they say, even if you know them well. Bad people can be good liars, and it can be very difficult to navigate that situation, especially for young people.
  2. In light of the above, we ask that you do not share personal information with people on PokeBase, especially if you're under 13. This includes your full name, location, school, phone number, and other info that can identify you. It also means pictures and recordings of you, including video or voice chats. Protect your personal info, even if you feel pressure from other people to reveal it.
  3. You can be friends with people online without sharing personal info. Their online alias is enough. You do not need to share personal info to continue being friends.
  4. If you absolutely must share personal information, please do so privately. There is no private way to share information on PokeBase, so find a different platform to share private information.
  5. If you see drama or a situation you don't understand, stay away from it. Close the page and do not add to it. If you need to report it or talk to somebody about it, see below for who to contact and how.
  6. If somebody is saying bad things about you or is making you uncomfortable, do not respond to them anymore, and take some time off the internet to clear your mind. When you feel comfortable, report the situation to staff using the directions below.

If you have any concerns at all about a person/s on this website, please get in contact with staff. We will listen and make every effort to help you. If the issue is too personal or you don't want to contact us, please tell somebody you trust in real life.

You can find additional support resources on this website, sorted by country.

Please contact staff if you have suggestions for this page.

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