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I mean, more than 334 pages of users (last time I checked :P) and more than 300 pages of them are full of ancient 20-point users who decided to make an account and went 'screw dis' the minute they made their account, or they simply decided to chat and not contribute at all.

Those who never contributed to the site surely wouldn't care about their presence on the users page, and the users page would also be a lot cleaner.

Or maybe just showcase the first-page users, but that may annoy the people who aren't on the first-page. So I doubt that'll happen. xD

And um, what difference would this make to the site?
Unless people do go on strolls through the user pages.
I think the point is to just clean the pages up a bit. it's not needed, but if PM doesn't mind the effort, it will be cleaner
For the sake of cleanliness, really. Of course its not a priority but the many pages if users seem redundant. :/
And 22 point users are fine - they contributed to the site in the end hy asking a question and selecting BA - some form of contribution, anyway. xD
No offence but this seems kind of pointless if you ask me, what difference does it make if the user's page is 334 pages long or just something like 20 pages long? I know it's supposed to make the site look cleaner but who actually has the time to look through page, after page, after page of the users page anyway?
I do...

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