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Every time I get more points than ohio sycther the next time I log on almost half my points are gone and he gets almost as much as I lost!!

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I don't think putting your points down raises my points. Second off, I was thinking the same thing as you just vice versa. Every time I answered one of your questions, no matter how good the answer, you voted it down. And you always gave the other guy best answer. I have you at best answer more than once, even if you are about to pass me in points. And points don't make any difference any way!!!!! I'll vote some of your questions up if it really matters. Sorry. :(
Sorry once again. I voted some of yours up, but please don't vote my answers down just because you want more points than me.
It's just points!!!
Who cares?!
You gain nothing from having more than another person.
i was just connfused i thought there might be a glitch or something
Thats ok. :)
There was a guy named Eric here?

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Points change all the time as people get questions and answers voted up and down. If someone else got more points than you they probably just answered more questions.

I'm also playing with the points system now and again (how many points you get for each thing) so you may see fluctuations there. The idea is to give people more points for doing things better, like better answers or better questions.

NOTE: please don't vote down questions/answers for the hell of it. You should only downvote answers if they are incorrect, or questions if they are really badly worded or unclear or spammy.

Hope that clears some things up!

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Just testing the comments, yo.