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Well, it's 11 minutes after 2012 started here, and Pokemaster isn't on.
So just a quick shout out, Happy New Year!

Since the new year is coming up, I figured I'd make a place where we can all make New Year's resolutions concerning the Pokemon Database! :D

So once again, Happy New Year everyone. Lets make 2012 a great one!

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1. Try not to leave.

That's all...
lol fear please dont go

1.Type faster than mew in my answers.(how do you answer while im answer 6 times i just dont know)lol
2.oh and to get expert
1.  attain epxert status
2. become supercalafragalisticexpialadocious!
3. finally create the greatest team ever.
4. get tons of video games.
New year's DB resolutions

- Become more active in the RMT section, as I just stopped doing anything.
- Try to make time for this place, as it's going to be harder this year.
- Blow this place off until I finish Legend of Zelda Skyward sword, that's an awesome game.
- Finish Johto & Hoenn moveset answers by summer.
- Create new sets of rain teams.
- Push for us to have more mods instead of editors.
Be better to everybody here!

Hmm how can I do that now I seem to be going on less and less.

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My New Year's resolution: actually do some work on the site :D

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