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Happy New Years! | DB User Resolutions

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Happy New Years to 2014!

So I decided to make this thread.

Notable things that have happened this year: (Comment if you want to add something!)

  • JirachiCelebiMew was banned!
  • Myself, Kyron, Ben, Fizz, Blob, and Hex have all been promoted.
  • Pokemon Database evolved to stage 3!
  • We established an official PS! Server!

  • Pokemon X and Y were released!

Take some time to answer. What is your goal for next year? It can be a personal or site related goal.


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Decided to let this go early so people can post their resolutions for 2014, and when they break them I will ban them.
Hmm banned is something im aiming for :3
I saw this comic on iFunny :3

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So my goal for next year is to control my mood swings.

I'm ADD and Bipolar, so I struggle to keep consistent emotions, this affects me as a moderator. My goal is to not let my anger get the best of me as much, because my mood affects the punishment.

Also to pass trachy in meta.

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My resolutions are:

-stop writing essays a day before the deadline
-eat more vegetables (maybe cut out red meat altogether)
-be able to cook more than 3 dishes
-improve my languages
-reeeeeeeally want to start a nuzlocke comic but I'm as lazy as a Frenchman on a Sunday afternoon
-go outside more (need more vitamin D)
-get hit by an ambulance while wearing my "live fast, die young" t-shirt that has a T-Rex riding a bike & wearing sunglasses on it (tbh this is a life goal)

Now I will crash & fail.

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That GIF made me cry... xD
Either reptile in that .gif would describe me perfectly.
I say the bigger one more suits you.
Mainly because it fell.
Probably. But appearance wise, the smaller one suits me because I'm under 5 ft.
You: REALLYYY want to start a Nuzlocke comic, but too lazy.
Me: Story of my life. My resolution is to be less lazy and actually get my butt in gear and finish the pages of my Save Data(non-nuzlocke), Saving Abel(nuzlocke), and The Adventures of Team PokeBurn: Search for the Fire Stone(Mystery Dungeon) comics.
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Resolutions and goals?

-Master the art of Photoshop (could take a few years)
-Have a child
K that last one may have been a lie....

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You'll have to get busy in the next 3 months or else it'll be postponed until 2015
For a second I thought you were talking about the photoshop thing and I was like "Well duh, he said it would take a while" and then I realized that 2014 starts in like 3 days, (I was still from the perspective that we were in 2013) and then I chuckled :3
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCEa1gnb8l8 Wait is this not how you make a baby?
I'm afraid to click that link
You should be. Its HowToBasic.
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Umm, riiiight, about the resolutions, I only have one; #YMCMB

All jokes aside (for now), I actually plan to not do much this year, for this particular reason. But what I really plan to do, I'm pretty sure I will get done.

  1. Become Batman
  2. Tell people I am Batman
  3. Show the nonbelievers that I am Batman
  4. Batman

So from that list, you can derive that I aim to buy my own car, achieve a 3.2 GPA in my High School courses, and maintain a 3.0 GPA in my college studies. Also, I plan to remain as the normal Lenub that I've been so far, and not care about any of you, even if my life depended on it :D


With that established, I may still have problems completing my resolutions. If such thing were ever to happen, this short story explains it all.

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Lecrub probably looks like He Man than Bruce Wayne IF YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING.
Refer to first gif, kthx.
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By my 1 year anniversary I plan to have Expert D:< So June

My real life is pretty good, need to get straight A's this semester >.>

k Hapi New Year

Also, if we're doing Cyanide and Happiness:

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Also, I don't know how to resize that soooooooooo ya
Imgur - edit - resize - 500px
Thanks. I'll get it in time.
Edit: :D
Omg Time Travel Murder Friends!! :D
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I need to be more active here. Being the only person in my timezone who can manage the Admin and such, I have a responsibility to be here while America and England aren't. Unfortunately, 2014 is going to be a step in the wrong direction in terms of activity, so I need to keep homework and other school-related stuff under control.

Mew also just reminded me about my inactivity on Showdown, which I plan to manage in the coming weeks.

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enter image description here


  • Get Editor. I'm gonna reach 10,000 points and a year this year, so technically I will be elligible for an Editor status somewhere through the year :P
  • Get to know some of the authority better since most of them think I'm an anti-social lunatick. Not that they aren't... :D
  • Uh... get Straight As next year. Seriously, I need them. :o
  • Get a life :D

And just remember, if you survived the apocalypse of December 21, 2012, you can survive anything!! Amen brothers, sisters and alieners. ;D

Happy 2014s and shtuff. :3

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2013 :>
I thought As was as so I read it like that at first o.O
I don't randomly capitalize words. That's your thing :>
Pfft no. That's Eewee's thing :>
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I wish for everybody in pokemondb.net a prosperous 2014 new year :D

My goals (site):

  • Get more points than le Scraf (We are rivals, aren't we ? :D)
  • Be nicer
  • Make justice rule the site, without being too strict
  • Have way moar frends :)
  • Keep calm and get at least 3000 points by the end of 2014.
  • Last but not least, improve my rates in RMT
  • Ah, and by a note, not be banned (duh ?) :p

My goals (real life):

  • Get the attention of the girl I love.
  • Get dat 17 / 20 at school, still stuck on 16.5 / 20.
  • Not to die, unlike fondant.
  • Improve my way to play the piano.
  • Be nicer.
  • Win some Link Battle in X & Y, and get my revenge against my friends :D
  • Have a nice life, even if my life is already nice.

@ Ninja: If I can't make all of this come true, please, please, ban me not. Please!
@ Ninja: We ALL know that you will not ban anyone of us if we broke our resolutions, will you?


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Firstly, I apologize for the poor layout of this post but im stuck with my phone. Which does link to my resolutions.
enter image description here


1) Be more active on the Q&A: I haven't even touched the Pokebase section for ages so l'll try and be more active ther
2) Buy a PC: My work on the server has ceased because my Mac broke but I will buy one soon.
3) Finish and start new codes: There's lots of unfinished stuff on the server which has been pointed out many
times by Star o3o
4) Help out users in all aspects of the Db: Yeah I know, this is a generic new years resolution but I generally need to do this more as I am one of the more experienced users on the Db alongside many others who im sure will promise the same.

Finally, happy new year guys! Lets make
it a good one on the Db and in real life if you have a life. o3o!

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Whoops I forgot about this :I

  • Decrease my procrastination from 5 minutes before something is due, to 10 minutes before it is due
  • Prove Napoleon's Triangle / Napoleon's Theorem
  • Memorise more digits of Pi (Lez try get to 30 :D?)
  • I dunno about grades e-e we don't get graded. We get ranked. BOO. So I suppose top in every subject? Fat chance in Science >.>
  • Kill Batman.
  • Attempt to fail everything above

That's about it I think.

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But if you attempt to fail everything you'll never kill Batman D:
Silly boy, you will NEVER KILL ME!!!!
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My goal: Expert at the end of the Summer. Not sure how realistic this is though, with this being an exams year and all that.

Also, to get A's and A*'s in said exams. (GCSE's, no idea what the American equivalent is).
Finally, to be voiced on the DB server.

Oh dear. I'm gonna be banned xD.

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Site Goals:
Peak in the top 20 on PS! (don't laugh, gotten to 26)
Get a gym badge or two when the league is up
Become a GL (probably not, lol)
Become good at NU and LC (they're fun despite what people say
Go to state science fair
Go to state History fair
Go to state Chess tournament
Maintain Straight A's

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Merry New Year's everybody! c:

My resolution is try to be more active, and I know I haven't been active on the DB site much these late months so I'll try to do that in 2014 and because of that get Editor c:

enter image description here

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Yeah. Getting Editor has always been a big goal of mine too. Unfortunately it seems a long way off yet :/
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Even though I've been here for only a month and ~10 days, I know that I'm super thankful that this site is amazingly fantasmagoricly supercalifragilisticexpialadociously fantastical!

And if I don't know that, Liam from One Direction's favorite color is Green. (Ha, it isn't! It's actually purple)

Resolutions on the Site

  • Contribute a lot more often to Meta and RMT, and contribute more to Pokebase
  • Pass up !@#$%^&()Indigo)(&^%$#@! in points. It's a competition between me and her :P
  • Become Editor by Dec. 31, 2014. I know this one is kind of Farfetch'd, but I love the site and I would like to contribute in any way possible, whether its editing questions to make grammatical sense, or just fixing minor things.
  • Don't get banned by Ninja. I... damnit... this one isn't gonna get done.

Resolutions in Real Life

  • Get the attention of the girl of my dreams (yeah... this one sounds desperate)
  • Become more sociable (I'm like fondant on this one... never gonna get done)
  • Get Straight As (This one shouldn't be too hard, only life goal I'm going to get done)
  • Be this guy (easiest one here):
    enter image description here

Happy New Year Everyone!

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1) You could have just put down 'Indigo'. Or even 'Indi'. I'm the only Indi on the site. :P
2) Dammit, the asterisks don't show in my name. D:
3) Nyaww, the girl of your dreams <3 When you do this, remember me! :3 Good Luck. xD
4) When adding imgur pictures, add '.png' at the end to make the pictures show. Seriously, you need to learn this. xD
It's showing.
1. Naaahhhh. I like spamming shift-number more.
2. It's because Italics
3. Yeah yeah be quiet. I don't even know what you look like, how can I see you in her...?
4. Thanks for the edit.
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Resolutions eh?
I is Canadian eh?

Welps I'd have to say:

  • Finish that dbag Biology course
  • Celebrate my 1 year anniversary with my girlfriend (Everyone needs a happy resolution right?)
  • Take that 10 foot cliff jump at Powder King (Note to self: Go to the bathroom before attempting)
  • Finish my Reborn LP and start on Civilization 5

I think that's enough for now.

Happy New Year all, bla bla bla, yada yada, yipikeek.

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Well I guess I have to be like everyone else right? :/ So here you go

Real Life Goals

  • Get on a healthier diet... too many sodas and stuff like that is not good for anyone.
  • Become more sociable at school and make new friends instead of just sticking with the ones im already close with.
  • Make more money..... still looking for that job hopefully I get one soon.

DB Goals

  • Become more active on the site instead of the server.
  • Become more helpful to users

enter image description here

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- complete my teams
- enter in a Pokémon competition
- finish writing my stories
- not be so crazy



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Might as well. Better now than never.

  • Get straight A's
  • Improve my battling/ team building skills
  • Manage time better
  • Spend less time staring at a screen :1
  • Get lots of points by the end of next year (pass Flame >:D)
  • Not get banned by Ninja
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My resolution is to keep track of where I put things. I misplace things ALOT. I am also resolving to try to handle my stress. Got lots of stress too.

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Mine is to catch em' all. Well all that are in gen 4 at least.

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