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2x Eelektross

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Some people have put sets on the mixed one so I am not sure about deleting it. The top one is clearly the official one(as it has a link to the Pokemon's profile). I am pretty sure Heinz left the site(as I have not seen him answer/ask anything in a while) so maybe MewC could just move his?

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hey Speed freak how do you get moving pictures?

This is where I usually get them but they do not have Shiny moving sprites nor do they have alternate forms(Eg. Rotom(W), Deoxysis(Speed) etc.).
Oh ok thanks and why don't you come on chat in the mornings?

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OK, we'll hide the later one (mixed sweeper). MewCreation & Heinz_Ketchum, please move your answers over if you want to keep them.

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