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So 2 weeks ago, I asked a question.
Apparently, it wasn't allowed. It was too trivial.
I couldn't find it in the rules, and someone told me it was an "unspoken" rule.
What are all of them? (So I won't screw up again)

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What was the question?
Something about Mew...
I hid it though.
You can't really post all of them. Doing so kind of defeats the purpose of calling them "unspoken", right? You can't really tell everyone all of them, it's more just a live and learn kind of deal.
what about q ettiquette?
I can remember the question because I answered it and got the points then lost them
But it was how many moves can mew learn and how many 4move movest combos are there for him
Which is considered trivia, when you think about it.
If we told you, they wouldn't be unspoken...
DT is right though, its just kind of a common sense kind of thing.
Also what do you mean by trivial? Just follow Speed freak's advice. o.o

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Well.. I am pretty sure of:

No asking questions you know the answer to then answer them and give yourself BA/Ask a question you know the answer too on a duplicate account then answering and giving yourself BA

No loop holing the rules: Like.. TALKINg LIkE THIs oN ThE CHaT, or Swearing on the chat and Censoring just one letter.

No choosing BA for an answer just because he/she has more/less points than the other answerer.

Down/up-voting for personal reasons like: I hate that Guy/Girl I will down vote them, or I like that Guy/Girl I will upvote them.

Asking obvious questions like is Electro-ball an electric type move?

And insulting Pokemaster or else you will spontaneously combust (O.O)

When giving best answer, you should give it to the first one who answered and answered correctly and well. Don't just give it to someone who tries to spice up their answer with useless information though. And don't give useless information yourself.

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These are the ones that I can think of at the moment.
Trivia questions. If I recall correctly.
By the way, I remember Pokemaster saying that giving yourself Best Answer on your own question doesn't earn you points or anything.
Actually, I think it gives you the points for choosing best answer still. Either way, it is annoying as hell because they are trying to gain points from it. Even if they don't gain any points, it is the thought that counts.