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i have an extreme urge to make a tournament but im not sure if i can. are only admins allowed to make tournys?

Tournaments are predetermined. The ones with the most votes on the tourney suggestion thread is picked then is hidden after the tourney. IIRC People who want to host tournaments must volunteer and/or ask permission from a mod to host.

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Tournaments are planned and timed in advance, and are selected based on the most popular suggestions in the tournament suggestions thread. This is where I'd direct tourney suggestions, for now at least: I have ideas for a better system that I'll run through the community at a later date.

If you plan to host a tournament doesn't follow this process (i.e. skips the suggestion thread), then yes you will need to run it through a mod. I'm unlikely to accept many tournaments this way, for a few reasons:

  • Right now at least, there's already an active tournament. We will always avoid doubling up.
  • The schedule that already exists is there for a reason. We can't run too many too often, or the tournaments won't individually attract enough interest.
  • Accepting one request means we'll need a good reason to turn back subsequent ones, or we're being unfair.
  • Following on from the above, it'd be unfair for us to run someone's tournament on request when dozens of tours are already lined up from people who've waited.

Totally fine if you want to run a tourney among friends -- we just have a process to maintain for tours with official backing, e.g. with a meta thread.

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