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Wall for DarkTyphlosion

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@User DarkTyphlosion, i want to wether you can answer for points.  @kimoragon has done this. i have reported flags, but was that bad?  @ pokemonmaster hsas done it to show people, and Kgon did LC. is this against the rules?
Oct 31, 2017 by mrmeh
can you help me I wanna add ( d ) in my name i need it ( kimodragon ) not kimoragon
I saw that after resgester
Oct 16, 2017 by kimoragon
Imagine seeing you active after so long o.O
Sep 25, 2017 by Empty Boxes
Hey DT!!!!!
Sep 23, 2017 by sheepman1306
Yeah I can imagine. Last time I talked to you you were still job searching. What did you end up doing?
Sep 2, 2017 by PX
Yo my man! You haven't been here for so long. How are you? It's awesome so see you again.
Aug 28, 2017 by PX
I miss talking you
 Also, catch our gossip
Jul 8, 2016 by sheepman1306
Nice speech Mosmero
Apr 30, 2016 by blissey_boy
Akley wonders if he can be unbanned.
Aug 7, 2015 by Flafpert