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Yo Trachy, what are your thoughts on the Tezzeret Planeswalker deck? I recently picked it up but haven't unboxed it, honestly was planning on doing a budget build but then I thought I'd get a second opinion.
Sep 12 by Dingir Xul
Aug 11 by melcakes
Reminder to self: September 1, Card City Nights 2 release
Aug 10 by trachy
Bone is being picked on you
Aug 3 by Pikamaster
Aaaah thank you :'D
Jul 30 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Thank you :)
Jul 30 by Toucanadian
Finished Halo Wars 2 and I can safely say that it is a bad game that should be avoided. The original Halo Wars was a flawed but ultimately good game, with an enjoyable campaign and the best gameplay that could be offered by a console RTS. Of course, it was shallow compared to PC RTS, but it was believed that with a sequel the faults could be fixed. Well, all the problems with Halo Wars exist in Halo Wars 2, but now there are even more problems. So returning problems are a lack of variety, with only two factions available. Army sizes are tiny compared to other RTS titles, with about 40 units being your max army and that's only with the lowest population taking units. And the campaign only follows the UNSC faction, leaving you without the ability to play as the Covenant (or the Banished as they are known here). The campaign is even worse in this one. The absence of the Flood is noticeable, as they provided a unique and challenging experience in the first campaign. And the campaign doesn't feel finished. Nothing is resolved at the end of the campaign, and it feels like it was only halfway through the story it wanted to tell. This was also a huge problem with Halo 5's campaign. None of the Halo games have had this problem until recently with Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2. Cliffhangers are fine, but you still must satisfy certain elements of your story. A major conflict or story point must be resolved, that doesn't mean the whole war has to end, but something major has to happen in order for a cliffhanger to be acceptable.

Another problem is they added Pay-to-win elements to a new mode, the Blitz mode. You can buy Blitz packs to get new troops, while troops you already have receive stat upgrades, making them strictly better than troops that people playing for free use. The money-grubbing does not stop there though. They announced recently at E3 that they would be releasing an expansion. However, this expansion is not covered by the Season Pass, which is a huge kick in the teeth for those who expect Season Passes to give you all the DLC, which ya know, is kinda the standard expectation.

Lazy and greedy is how I would describe this game.
Jul 4 by trachy
when r u gonna answer me question jerk
Jun 22 by melcakes
When you buy Radiant Historia a couple of months ago only for them to go and announce and upgraded remaster. :/
Jun 8 by trachy
play pubg

Jun 7 by Sempi