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Selesnya 10-1
Esper 8-0
Azorius 6-3
Grixis 5-3
Gruul 4-3
Naya 4-2
Dimir 3-3
Jund 0-3
Jul 20 by trachy
Jul 8 by BM™
Hey Trachy it's jona, I decided to log back in after a long time away and also am pretty big into MTG. I mainly play commander but I sent you a friend invite on steam. My name is ChucklesJS. Hope we can reconnect!
Jun 22 by Jona
Master Duel post BODE update is just as terrible as I thought it would be and not too long from now we're going to have the Adventurer engine update which really kills my motivation for it as since I primarily play Yugioh now, I deal with it enough in paper. So here's hoping soon enough we get a banlist that kills Verte Anaconda or bans Fusion Destiny outright. Magic-wise, my Lord Xander deck is happily terrorising tables, so that is an absolute breath of fresh air :D I know running stuff like Mana Drain is evil in casual EDH but it's still so fun despite the archenemy dynamic the deck has. I'm curious to hear how you've been in general plus with Magic and Master Duel, Trach.

Hope you've been well, boss!
May 10 by Tesseract
Holy **** dude I just realised that "even if you did all the legwork" you put in that post on my wall had such a hilarious pun that I missed lmaooo
May 9 by xPsydxck
Oh I see. Well I guess that does resolve the question then haha.
May 4 by xPsydxck
Are you still interested in anyone trying this? I could do this the next time I play FR, as going through each grass patch 13 times seems doable. Do note that I'll be using an emulator, and it might take me well over an year to actually get around to playing FR again.
Apr 30 by xPsydxck
Thanks for answering my question!
Apr 8 by Redvolt77
Also, do all your sets on Pokémon only work for Gen V? Or are they viable in other gens.
Apr 4 by Redvolt77

Butterfree/Venomoth/Kadabra/Haunter/Hypno/Exeggutor/Mr. Mime/Jynx/Magmar/Dragonite/Articuno/Moltres

Mar 27 by trachy