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Can't set up with this TCG deck.

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I’m gonna hate myself if I don’t make a deck using Ampharos. ;P (Sorry Trachy, I’m using 4-3-4 evo lines. I’d be more likely to draw into a card like Ampharos with 4 of them).
Okay, basically, I get Emolga to set up, getting Mareep and Gothita right away. I build up from there with Communications, N’s, etc. As soon as I can, I get Ampharos in there. I’d hope that would happen in the 3rd or 4th turn, meaning they can’t do much with only 3-4 energies. Then I can build up and just sweep, keeping Gothitelle on the bench and setting up Mewtwo and another Ampharos, just in case. I’d hold on for dear life with Giant Cape, bringing me to 160 HP, allowing me to take a few hits. If I’m about to be KOed, I’d switch for Rescue Scarf to get the Pokemon back. Catcher up anything weak or dangerous for a quick kill, taking my prize cards before my opponent saw what hit them.

Pokémon: 24 (I realize I’m heavy on Pkmn)
x2 Emolga (Dragons Exalted)- This gal is helpful. Call for Family lets me get 2 basics out, which is the next best thing with no Pokemon Collector. And Static Shock does 1 for 20, good for starting any game out with. Gotta get the damage flowing.
x4 Mareep (Dragons Exalted)- Needed for evolution. Cotton Guard resists damage.
x3 Flaaffy (Dragons Exalted)- Needed for evolution. Cotton Guard resists damage while doing 20 for 1. 3 for 40, no strings attached.
x4 Ampharos (Dragons Exalted)- Oh... Ma.... Arceus! This thing is BEAST! Electromagnetic Wall does 30 whenever my opponent attaches energy to there pokemon. Not only that, it does 3 for 70, which is pretty bad in this format, but does 20 to a bench. Which means I could KO a basic pokemon on my opponents bench without touchin’ them! 140 HP can take a hit or 20, and its gotta be active, but seriously, what a beat. (Wow this is long! xD But man, I love this guy)
x3 Gothita (Dragons Exalted)- Man does Gothita suck. It has to have 2 energies on it to even attack. Might as well for the Future Sight and draw into something useful.
x2 Gothorita (Emerging Powers #46)- Deleting Glare has a 50% chance to discard an energy attached to the opponent, screwing them over more. Especially with Ampharos coming onto the field within the next few turns or so.
x2 Gothitelle (Emerging Powers)- Magic Room prevents all Trainer Cards. >:D No Catchers on Ampharos. Madkinesis does 3 for 30 and 20 more for each Psychic Energy. And man can this thing sweep. Its like a powered-down Mewtwo. Alls I can say is wow.
x2 Mewtwo EX (Dark Explorers)- I add him to everything. He’s got it goin’ on. ;P Sweeps everything in his way, including revenge-kill Terrakion and Shaymin.

Trainers: 20
x4 Pokemon Communication- Exchanges the useless pokemon in my hand for ones that dominate. Nuff said.
x4 Giant Cape- Gives an extra 20 HP. Like Expert Belt from Arceus, but doesn’t cost you 2 Prize Cards. Thats what Mewtwo is for.
x4 Catcher- Even though my opponent can’t use them, I feel no guilt for abusing them and going for easy kill. If my opponent even wants a chance at winning, they have to attach energy. Attaching Energy = +30. Anything and everything is going to take some easy damage, and I’ll pick them off easily.
x2 Rescue Scarf- Makes sure my Ampharos keeps living. Its just a cycle of reusing. And hopefully I can build another one up while a different one takes its place, causing my opponent much misery.
x2 N- Gets new hand.
x2 Prof. Juniper- A great Draw Power. Also gets a new hand. Nice all-arounder.
x2 Cilan- Gets energy to power up my pokemon to go in for the sweep.

Energy: 16
x2 Double Colorless Energy- Powers up attacks quicker. Need I go on?
x8 Psychic Energy- Needed to attack.
x6 Electric Energy- Needed to attack.

Hope you like! •^-^•

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You have nothing to skip evolutions. So at least use 4-3-3 so you don't have one card that will never ever be used.
Also, I think the Gothitelle pre-evos have some cards with Energy Removal capabilities in one of the sets. I'd consider that, as Energy Removal best makes use of Ampharos's ability.
Kay. Right.
@First Statement: Ik. I only need two Ampharos out on the field anyways. I'd be more likely to draw into one with 4, and I can always sub one out w/ communication.
@Second Statement: Sounds good. I'll find out what those are.
I still say use a 4-3-2. Hurry up and change the metagame through basic killing for me will yah. :P
Ehh... I'm good. Though I will make a deck like that and see how it goes up against my Reshiboar deck.

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