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And here you must have thought Energy Removal was well into its grave because of the loss of two of the greatest cards of all time: Energy Removal and Super Energy Removal. I mean, being forced to rely on a COIN FLIP in order to remove energy? Awful, just awful. But this deck seeks to revive a metagame dominating force. So here we go, Energy Removal returns.
English sets only.

Pokemon: 26

x3 Lillipup: http://serebii.net/card/blackwhite/080.shtml
-Its ability (or attack) to get back items is invaluable, as I need a way to recycle my Crushing Hammers.
x2 Herdier: http://serebii.net/card/blackwhite/082.shtml
-Who needs Cheren when I have Herdier?
x1 Stoutland: http://serebii.net/card/blackwhite/083.shtml
-The point of this guy is to get Crush Hammers back into my hand. I use this over four Lillipup due to the high (140) HP, the ability to get three Crushing Hammers back instead of just one, and the ability to do some solid damage when needed.
x4 Terrakion: http://serebii.net/card/bwpromo/155.shtml
-A 130 HP basic with an energy removal attack. It also does massive damage against Dark types, which is good since Darkrai is so popular.
x3 Frillish: http://serebii.net/card/noblevictories/030.shtml
-Needed for evolution.
x3 Jellicent: http://serebii.net/card/boundariescrossed/045.shtml
-Increases my opponent's retreat cost. Combined with the energy removal of this deck, this can easily mean that the opponent will be unable to retreat.
x3 Drilbur: http://serebii.net/card/emergingpowers/054.shtml
-Needed for evolution.
x3 Excadrill: http://serebii.net/card/emergingpowers/056.shtml
-It has 110 HP and Electric resistance. And a one for 30. So it can do some damage if I get it out early. The main point of it though is that three for 80. Because that guarentees a removal of an energy attached to the Defending Pokemon.
x2 Kyurem EX: http://serebii.net/card/nextdestinies/038.shtml
-A 180 HP basic. Frozen Wings is a three for 60 that discards a Special Energy attached to the Defending Pokemon, fitting in with the theme of the deck. And it has a powerful four for 120.
x2 Alomomola: http://serebii.net/card/dragonsexalted/037.shtml
-90 HP basic with a two for 30 energy removal attack.

Trainers: 18

x4 Crushing Hammer: http://serebii.net/card/emergingpowers/092.shtml
-Discards energy.
x4 Pokemon Catcher: http://serebii.net/card/emergingpowers/095.shtml
-Forces out an opposing Pokemon, allowing me to discard its energy and trap it with help from Jellicent. That makes it an easy kill.
x4 Skyla: http://serebii.net/card/boundariescrossed/134.shtml
-Gets me Trainers.
x2 Ghetsis: http://serebii.net/card/plasmafreeze/101.shtml
-Drawing and Lass.
x2 Hugh: http://serebii.net/card/boundariescrossed/130.shtml
-A way of drawing. And it can also make the foe discard cards. Hopefully they discard energy before they realize the point of this deck.
x1 Life Dew: http://serebii.net/card/plasmafreeze/107.shtml
-My opponent won't take a prize when the Pokemon this card is attached to is KOd. Combined with Stoutland's abilities to get cards back from the discard pile (this card in particular) this means I'm going to be very hard to beat.
x1 Super Rod: http://serebii.net/card/noblevictories/095.shtml
-To get back Stoutland.

Energy: 16

x6 Fighting
x6 Water
x4 WLFM Energy: http://serebii.net/card/dragonsexalted/118.shtml

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