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this is my first time making an ou team so i need some good advice on this team

Suicune- Leftovers
trait- Water Absorb
evs-252 sp.atk/ 4 spd/ 252 speed/
Surf, IceBeam, HpElectric, Calm Mind

Garchomp- Haban Berry
trait- Rough Skin
evs- 4 hp/ 252 atk/ 252 speed/
OutRage, EQ, BrickBreak, SwordDance

Reuniclus- LifeOrb
trait- Magic Guard
evs- 192 hp/ 64 defense/ 252 sp.atk/
Psychic, TrickRoom, ShadowBall, FocusBlast

Scizor- Leftovers
trait- Technician
evs- 252 atk/ 4 spd/ 252 speed/
BugBite, U-Turn, BulletPunch, SwordDance

Hitmontop- Leftovers
trait- Intimidate
evs- 252 hp/ 252 defense/ 4 speed/
CloseCombat, SuckerPunch, Toxic, RapidSpin

Jolteon- LifeOrb
trait- Quick Feet
evs- 252 sp.atk/ 4 spd/ 252 speed/
ChargeBeam, ThunderBolts, HPIce, ShadowBall

So i hope i get some advice on this team and hope for some help/changes needed.

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Use genesect for scizor.
Genesect is Ubers.
Yeah, it changed.

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