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this is my first time making an ou team so i need some good advice on this team

Politoed- Leftovers
trait- Drizzle
evs-252 hp/ 252 defense/ 4 speed/
Scald, IceBeam, Toxic, Encore

Kingdra- LifeOrb
trait- SwiftSwim
evs- 100 atk/ 252 sp.atk/ 164 speed/
Waterfall, HydroPump, DracoMeteor, HpFire

Reuniclus- LifeOrb
trait- Magic Guard
evs- 192 hp/ 64 defense/ 252 sp.atk/
Psychic, TrickRoom, ShadowBall, FocusBlast

Scizor- Leftovers
trait- Technician
evs- 252 atk/ 4 spd/ 252 speed/
BugBite, U-Turn, BulletPunch, SwordDance

Hitmontop- Leftovers
trait- Intimidate
evs- 252 hp/ 252 defense/ 4 speed/
CloseCombat, SuckerPunch, Toxic, RapidSpin

Jolteon- LifeOrb
trait- Quick Feet
evs- 252 sp.atk/ 4 spd/ 252 speed/
ChargeBeam, ThunderBolts, HPIce, ShadowBall

So i hope i get some advice on this team and hope for some help/changes needed.

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Swift Swim and Drizzle are banned on the same team in OU, meaning this team is automatically Über.
damn i should read the rules first before posting this. Sorry..
Scizor is kinda screwed over by other steel types... so might want to put in Superpower or another fighting move. Also, its speed even when maxed out isn't great... and you might want to run life orb instead for more power

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