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Well, here's my second deck. Like before, be brutally honest. Rayquaza is perfect for this set as it has one weakness, which is because ice isn't here in the TCG. It also sets up the energies, making them Dragon, Electric, and Fire energies. It's the first EX here.
Then, we have Giratina EX. It's unbelievable power and HP makes it a favorite on this TCG deck. Here is all of the deck...


Giratina: http://serebii.net/card/bwpromo/146.shtml :X1
Rayquaza: http://serebii.net/card/bwpromos/047.shtml :X1
Deino: http://serebii.net/card/dragonsexalted/093.shtml :X3
Zwelious: http://serebii.net/card/dragonsexalted/095.shtml :X2
Hydreigon: http://serebii.net/card/dragonsexalted/098.shtml :X1
Draini: http://serebii.net/card/dragonvault/001.shtml :X4
Dragonair: http://serebii.net/card/dragonvault/003.shtml :X3
Dragonite: http://serebii.net/card/dragonvault/005.shtml :X2
Bagon: http://serebii.net/card/dragonvault/006.shtml :X3
Shelment: http://serebii.net/card/dragonvault/007.shtml :X2
Salamance: http://serebii.net/card/dragonvault/008.shtml :X1
Garchomp: http://serebii.net/card/dragonsexalted/091.shtml :X1
Altalia: http://serebii.net/card/bwpromo/148.shtml :X1

Energies: 20

X7 Fire Energies
X7 Electric Energies

Trainers: 15

X2 Professor Juniper
X3 Gold Potions
X4 Energy Retrivals
X4 Energy Searchers
X2 Switch
X2 Cheren
X2 Hugh
X2 Potion

Please remember that this is only my SECOND deck. So please, be honest, and don't teel me that this is horrible :P

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LOL. I JUST  noticed that I could've added Vibrava and Flygon.

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Okay, I sucked at deck making, but lemme walk you though the steps I've yet to use in my own deck.

First off, this is pure dragon, if you hadn't noticed. Is that good? Sorta, at times. But aside from that, there isn't much else going on. There is about 5 dragon lines going on, and that will involve lots of energy that can't circulate properly, so I'd recommend taking out all the dragon types Except Garchomp and Altaria, and then we can beef up their evolution lines and add in some supporting cards that can take a hit or two and do some serious damage.
Luckily, Dragon types act like true team members and can help each other out nicely.
I'd like to do a Garchomp/Altaria line. These fit together like PB(-10) & J(osh), and we all know they get along. :P Then, we're going to need some attackers, because as amazing as Dragon Types are, they just can't work all that well together in a deck and will need other types to help them on the attacking line. This deck has a lot of power.

You has a good idea where to go w/ these Trainers, but because of the type diversity, you had to add Energy Searches and retrievals and whatnot, correct? Now that we've limited down the use of energy, we don't need all those, yet I still recommend Cilan, because it is sturdy and it'll get the right types out at a larger mass.
Lets see... well, you can only have one Golden potion because it's a Ace Spec card per deck. And for potions, well, potions are a nice addition, yet with all these power-house cards you'll have going on the field, your opponent will be scrambling to get your pokemon all KOed, and the potion might be for naught. If any potion, I'd recommend either Gold (which you have) or Max (Which has to be played in energy-move decks)
Cheren, Juniper, and Hugh were dead-on. Good job. :P But I'd like to customize these resources a little bit so they can be even more help.
And switches... you might want to play around with this deck and find out what weak points it has. Switches would be a great addition, but it'd really depend if you'd need to switch out of not a lot of the time.

Also pretty straight-forward. It has some variety, but can and will be controlled if you play it right.

Pokemon: 20
x3 Swablu - Needed for Altaria's evolution.
x2 Altaria - This card will help build up a stronger attack, I recommend 2 because while not necessary for multiple, it will also need more then one, incase it is KOed. This card will usually remain on the bench.
x4 Gible - Needed for the pokemon's evolution.
x4 Gabite - One of the centers of the deck, this card pulls out other Dragons from the deck and will build up your benches quickly and effectively. This card will most likely stay on the bench until you feel it is ready to be evolved.
x3 Garchomp - Can you see why I'm pushing you to use this one instead of this one? It has a nice power difference and have better extra-effects then the other one.
x2 Terrakion - This adds a little bit more Type coverage, as well as a powerful basic that can crush.
x2 Cobalion - This is a hard-hitter that will provide great stall time.

Trainers: 20
x3 Professor Juniper - Gets rid of your sucky hand for a waaayy better one. It helps you get through the deck as well as get the cards that are most critical for it.
x1 Gold Potion - Heals 90 damage from your active. What can I say, really? :P
x3 Cilan - Gets 3 of any energy out. This is perfect for this deck, since having more then 2 energy is a bit risky, but I believe that you can pull it off.
x2 Rocky Helmet - An extra 20 damage to the opponent if it attacks. I'd keep it off of Cobalion, but otherwise, its a nice card to do some extra power.
x3 Super Rod - This recycles the pokemon/energy from the discard pile and puts it back into the deck.
x2 Cheren - Draws 3 cards. Its a nice draw source.
x4 Pokemon Communication - Replaces the sucky pokemon for the useful one.
x2 Pokemon Catcher - Switches out your opponent, this is useful in many situations, say, and easy KO, to stall, or if they're to much.

Energy: 20
x6 Water Energy
x6 Fighting Energy
x5 Steel Energy
x3 Blend Energy WLFM - Absolutely perfect for this deck.

How this deck functions:
Basically, it hits fast and hard with some nice power pokemon. Altaria adds a special "omfftp" wen dealing w/ other dragon types, and Garchomp is just a mad power house. Terrakion and Cobalion = nice extra power. Those trainers are great resources, but are to be used wisely, but I doubt that'll be a problem.
You're pretty darn smart. :)
You'll get it. Is this for TCGO? Either way, you can experiment with this deck as a template and work the rest out to your advantage. So yeah, play around with it and see what happens. :P

Okay... I apologize once again. >-<
I hope my example of deck construction can help you learn how this deck fits together other then for a nice power source.
That's it for now.
Sorry. >< Love you! <3
Merry Christmas!
enter image description here


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umm... yeah. That would be good.
Great! And I like the pic :3
 But, can you add what you're replacing when you add more cards? Actually, It'd be better if you did that and made like a final deck list. TANK YOU.
Like that?
Jut makes a list of all the cards there are now, and what they are. Look at Trachy's answer on my first deck, he has one.
I have a hilarious but brilliant idea you will need these cards.

2x Rayquaza EX
29X Fire Energy
29X Lightning Energy

The celestical roar will scoop 3 guarenteed up at a time to deal good damage I know this sounds stupid but it would work well.