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Pokemon: 22
x2 Landorus EX (Boundaries Crossed) - Main reason why I thought of the deck. Doing 150 for a discarded 3 energies, added on with Aerodactyl, can one-shot some EXs out there, depending on the EX and how many Aerodactyl.
x4 Aerodactyl - To add an additional 10 damage for the attacker. A little concerned about it being an easy KO, as well as catcher bait.
x4 Gible - Needed for evolution.
x3 Gabite (#89) - Needed for evolution.
x3 Garchomp (#90) - Might as well hit hard with a Garchomp. 1 for 60 with a most-likely Blend Energy discard and 2 for 100, and hopefully I dont discard anything too important.
x2 Terrikian (Noble Victories) - A nice power-card. It has revenge-killing potential, so a great follow-up to that Aerodactyl if it does get KOed.
x2 Terrikian EX - 2 for 50 is good. Slow, but its something. And 3 for 90 is okay as well, but its really there for the energy that is put into play. It can power up something quickly and hopefully wont be catcher bait.
x2 Emolga (Dragon's Exalted) - There for call for family. It will help bring up some basics, which is the majority of the pokemon, and free retreat is a nice addition.

Trainers: 21
x2 Twist Mountain - To get that Aerodactyl out.
x2 Professor Juniper - To get a new hand.
x3 Cilan - Gets 3 Fighting Energy out.
x3 Super Rod - Recycles the Fighting Energy and pokemon. Very useful for proper circulation.
x2 Pokemon Catcher - For easy KO's or to take out potential threats.
x1 Gold Potion/Computer Search - Gold potion to majorly heal, or the more likely used of the two, Computer Search to find the card I need.
x2 Cheren - Stable draw support.
x2 Hugh - Balances out card ratio, if I need to get rid of my opponents massive hand, or I have no hand myself.
x2 Ultra Ball - To get the right pokemon out at the right time.
x2 Pokemon Communication - To switch out a non-useful pokemon for a useful one.

Energy: 17
x4 Blend Energy WFES - Either Fighting/Water energy mainly for Garchomp, but also for the other Fighting types in this deck.
x13 Fighting Energy - Needed to attack.

This deck is pretty straight-forward. It hits hard quick, and hopefully those energies will circulate correctly.


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Nice Deck :)
Well I'm a noob at TCG, so how is this water/ground?
Good point. I took out my water pokemon. XD Lemme fix that
Landorus must've used mimic on Arceus-Ground. Earth Judgement xd
*Land's Judgement brah...
get yo facts straight c:
You might want to consider going back to Water/Fighting. Vanilluxe could be of help here.

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