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Only cards from EX Emerald, EX Unseen Forces, EX Delta Species, and EX Legend Maker are allowed. However, Energy cards from previous sets are also allowed.

Pokemon: 18

x4 Tyrogue (UF)-Desperate Punch can end up doing a decent amount of damage for only one energy. Needed for evolution to activate the Hitmons abilities.
x1 Hitmonlee (UF)-When it evolves from Tyrogue it does 20 more damage. This works great as Stretch Kick becomes a one for 30 and Mega Kick becomes a three for 60.
x1 Hitmonchan (UF)-When it evolves from Tyrogue it gets 30 more HP. Heavy Punch can end up doing 50 damage for two energy. Speedy Uppercut is a solid three for 50 that ignores Resistance and all that other stuff.
x1 Hitmontop (UF)-When it evolves from Tyrogue opponents gets damaged by two damage counters when they attack Hitmontop. It also has a nice attack that can do 50 damage for two energy.
x3 Wooper (UF)-Needed for evolution.
x2 Quagsire (UF)-Dense is nice as it reduces damage taken from attacks by evolved Pokemon by 20. Rock Hurl is a nice three for 50 that ignores resistance.
x2 Anorith (LM)-Stretch Claws is a two for 20 that does 20 damage to a benched Pokemon if I have any React Energy attached. Needed for evolution.
x1 Armaldo ex (LM)-160 HP is always really good. With a React Energy it is a Grass type as well as a FIghting type which can hit some additional weaknesses. Spiral Drain is always a good attack, a two for 40 that removes two damage counters from Armaldo. It also has a nice three for 70 that still does 70 even against resistant Pokemon.
x2 Makuhita (DS)-Sand Attack is a solid stall attack. Needed for evolution.
x1 Hariyama (DS)-If I'm losing Hariyama is just the Pokemon I need. When I have more prizes left than my opponent Hariyama does 20 more damage and takes 20 less. It hits hard with a three for 50 that ignores resistance and such.

Trainers: 19

x4 PokeNav (Emerald)-Gets me a card and lets me control my drawing.
x4 Sitrus Berry (UF)-Healing.
x4 Warp Point (UF)-A Switch and Gust of Wind rolled into one.
x3 Claw Fossil (LM)-Needed for evolution.
x3 Fieldworker (LM)-Drawing.
x1 Solid Rage (UF)-For when I am on the losing end. This works great with Hariyama, making it do 40 more damage.

Energy: 23

x19 Fighting Energy-Needed.
x4 React Energy (Legend Maker)-For use with Anorith and Armaldo.

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