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Hey everybody, here's my new deck. It's a Dark and Steel deck, which actually fits together pretty nicely. English sets only.

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Pokemon: 18

Scizor x2
-Main card and is powerful, especially against Kyurem EX
Scyther x2
Skarmory x2
-Can confuse and do moderate damage
Registeel-EX x2
-EX card and very powerful. Can do bench damage while demolishing
Sableye x4
-Gets me trainers back
Darkrai-EX x2
-Gives me free retreat cost and can do bench damage
Zoroark x2
-Gets me any card I want a turn and can use the opponents attacks against him for minimum energy
Zorua x2
-Gets me Zoroark out quick

Trainer: 26

Potion x2
Gold Potion x1
Switch x3
-Switches my Pokemon
Rocky Helmet x2
-Damages foes when they attack me
Dark Patch x3
-Gets my energy back and is necessary for any Dark deck
Dark Claw x3
-Raises Zoroark's and Darkrai's attack
Cheren x3
N x2
Pokemon Catcher x4
-Switches my opponents Pokemon

Energy: 16

Basic Steel Energy x8
Basic Dark Energy x8

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