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Garbodor @ blacksludge
Nature: jolly
Evs: 252atk 252spd 4 hp
Moves: seedbomb, toxicspikes, spikes, drainpunch
Ability: aftermath
Why: its ment to set up spikes and toxicspikes and do some damage seedbomb and drainpunch. The only real stsb this thing gets is gunkshot and I dont like its bad accuracy so I decided to not use it and just go with 2 coverage moves.

Misdrevus @ evolite
Nature: bold
Evs: 252hp 252def 4spdef
Moves: painsplit, wilowisp, shadowball, healbell
Ability: levitate
Why: it has levitate so its good to have with the poison type lead. Its heal bell support is always good. It has wilowisp so that it can criple physical attackers so lickilicky can take there hits better. It has painsplit to heal itself. Also its immune to fighting type moves.

Lickilicky @ leftovers
Nature: careful
Evs: 252hp. 112def 124spdef
Moves: dragontail, seismictoss, wish, protect
Ability: owntempo(if cloud 9 is released ill change it)
Why: its good at taking special hits and is immune to ghost type moves. With dragontail and the entry hazards it can wear down on my opponent. It is good wish support. With seismic toss it can get a little constant damage in.

Semisear @ choicescarf
Nature: modest
Evs: 252spd 252spatk 4hp
Moves: fireblast, focusblast, grassknot, hprock
Ability: blaze
Why: with the spred and choicescarf it will outspeed pretty much anything and a blaze/stab boostrd fireblast will do a lot of damage. Hprock, focusblast, and fireblast have amazing coverage.

[email protected] leftovers
Nature: modest
Evs: 252hp 252spatk 4spdef
Moves: waterspout, hpgrass, icebeam, surf
Ability: water veil
Why: I figured there was no sense in putting evs in speed cuz it cant outspeed a whole lot so i have it taking advantage of its massive hp instead. It has hpgrass to hit other water types. Its waterspout will do a massive amont specialy if super effective.

Jumpluff @ leftovers
Nature: jolly
Evs: 8hp 200def 84spdef 216spd
Moves: sleeppowder, bounce, substitute, leechseed
Ability: chlorophyll
Why: this set is horrible to go up against. I love dub seed sets and works well I think with the rest of the team.

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