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This deck is pretty straight-forwards. Sets up fast, and defiantly hits hard with the attackers.

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Pokémon: 19
x4 Manaphy - Defiantly a nice support. I would have only 2, but it's a great way to start a game, and it recycles water energy, and I'm going to need an abundant of water energy, not to mention the ability is icing on the cake.
x4 Squirtle - Needed for evolution.
x2 Wartortle - Needed for evolution.
x3 Blastoise - The glue to this deck. Blastoise can circulate energy leading to massive energy acceleration- the key to this deck. This card needs no formal introduction, for it speaks for itself.
x2 Keldeo EX - A nice supporter, gets some extra boost and is a great card.
x2 Black Kyurem EX - Straight-up 200 damage? This thing is a last resort, but man is it beast. Not to mention it can discard the 3 water energy, easily got by Cilan, and then recycled by Manaphy.
x2 Lugia EX - Hard hitter for sure. This thing can take 3 prizes for a Victini/Shaymin EX in one turn, and it can take out a regular EX in 2 turns- hopefully before it can set up. A great game-changer, but a bit of a risk seeing as it needs Plasma Energy, but shouldn't be too hard to manage.

Trainers: 20
x4 Colress - A bit of a risky card, getting a maximum of 10 cards, or a minimum of 0. Because of it's risk, and my unfamiliarity with it, I'm only going to run 2.
x1 Scramble Switch - My Ace Spec of the deck. Scramble Switch can and will leave a lot of energy from a heavy attacker in the active spot, and I can switch out for another heavy hitter.
x2 Cilan - Gets me more water energy to destroy. >:P
x2 Switch - For those Hynotoxic lasers, mainly, but also because most of my heavy attackers have a high retreat-cost.
x2 Colress Machine - To get plasma energies. This card is pretty straight-forwards.
x2 Rare Candy - To evolve into Blastoise
x3 Super Rod - To get Energy and Pokemon back into the deck. Way to handy to pass up.
x2 Pokémon Communication - To get out the cards I don't need for the ones I do.
x2 Heavy Ball - To get the hard-hitting pokes out, a great resource.

Energy: 21
x2 Plasma Energy - Needed for Lugia. No one else- unless it's an absolute emergency.
x15 Water Energy
x4 Blend Energy WFES - To give Electric energy to Black Kyurem, as well as water energy to everyone else.

I do realize that this deck is a bit of a risk, running EXs left and right, but man does it hit hard, quick, setting up for a quick game hopefully every time.
I also realize that my trainer choice sucks (:P) and I'm going to need some help to choose some better replacements.

I'd also like to mention the following as nice and suitable cards that I couldn't fit into my deck, but really wanted to:
x2 Hynotoxic Laser - Is this card for reals? This- this trainer just straight-up poisons your opponent and a 50/50 chance of putting the opponent to sleep? Not to mention Virbank... This card isn't the risk, the gym is.
x2 Virbank City Gym - Now a common staple in a lot a decks, doing 3 extra damage for poisoned pokemon. Especially useful in Crobat, which I am planning on making later. However, this card can hurt me as much as it helps me, cause this is defiantly going to be a game-changer. However, lets go with helpful rather then hurtful. :P

I guess that's it for now.
Forever and ever, your beloved
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