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Bastodon @ leftovers
Impish 252hp 252spdef 4def
- stelthrock
- roar
- protect
- ironhead
It pairs verry well with altaria being able to take dragon and ice type moves verry well. Its defensive as heck being able to take both physical and special moves. Stealth rocks and roar can phase pretty well. I gave it iron head just because it is more accurate than stone edge, and it is stab. I gave it protect to scout and to gain a little hp with leftovers and since 2 of. The pokes in this team have toxic it can stall the already poisoned and make leavanny's and raichu's job eaayer.

Altaria @ leftovers
Calm 248hp 8def 252spdef
Natural cure
- toxic
- roost
- heal bell
- dragonpulse
It can take all of Bastodon's weaknesses. It can spread toxic and support the team with heal bell. It has roost to save itself, and dragon pulse as a good stab move.

Alomomola @ leftovers
Bold 252hp 252hp 4spatk
- toxic
- scald
- wish
- protect
It is a beast at taking hits and can stall the heck out of its target as well as wish pass to team makes that might need it. I know scald may not be able to hit hard but a burn hax is always good to get off on sawk and gurdur.

Leavanny @ life orb
Jolly 252spd 252atk 4hp
- swords dance
- leafe blade
- x-sissor
- shadow claw
Its ment to be a mid game sweeper after the walls and camerupt have worn the opponents team down.it has shadow claw to hit misdrevus and lampet. With life orb, swarm, stage 2, its last x-sissor hits verry hard

Camerupt @ leftovers
Lonely 252spatk 252hp 4atk
Solid rock
- fire blast
- rockslide
- earthquake
- wil o' wisp
It can hit pretty hard and it can burn physical attackers and kill charizard with rock slide.
Solid rock reduces the power of super effective moves on it so water dont do as much.

Raichu @ choice scarf
Timid 252spd 252spatck 4hp
- thunder bolt
- hp ice
- volt switch
- grass knot
It revenge kills really nicely and it can volt switch in another poke. It can take out goldam pretty quick with grass knot

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