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Ru is new to me and im not sure what to expect so if you have any suggestions tell me.

Druddigon @ leftovers
Adament 252hp 252atk 4spdef
Rough skin
- stealth rock
- dragon tail
- rest
- rockslide
Its really just ment to phaze with dragon tail. I maxed outbits hp cuz it really isn't all that fast.

Alomomola @ leftovers
Bold 252hp 252def 4spatk
- toxic
- scald
- wish
- protect
Its kinda my go-to poke for a physical wall to be honest.

Cryogonal @ leftovers
Bold 248 HP 168 Def 68 SpDef 24 Spe
- recover
- rapidspin
- protect
- ice beam
Its always good to have a rapid spinner.

Escavallur @ leftovers
Adament 252atk 252hp 4spd
- swords dance
- x-scissor
- iron head
- nightslash
Its got the def to get a swords dance up and tske a couple of pokes out with the stealth rock support kindly provided by druddigon.

Sceptile @ life orb
Timid 192spd 252spatk 60hp
- leaf storm
- hp rock
- focus blast
- synthasis
It can reck someone with a leaf storm or hp rock. I gave it synthesis to recover some hp from the life orb recoil or if a staller trys to stall him. Its hp rock can hit a fire type pretty hard.

Medicham @ choice scarf
Jolly 252atk 252spd 4hp
Pure power
-thunder punch
- psychocut
- drainpunch
- trick
Scarf medicham is great! Its typeing and access to thunder punch make it worthy. And I can trick its scarf onto a set up sweeper or a staller like alomomola.

I realize 3 of my pokes are weak too fire but I think alomomola and druddigon can handle it.

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What makes this team "balanced" as you say? Just asking ;)
It has a phaser, a set up sweeper, a staller, a spinner, a spacial attacker with good coverage, and I left out a poke....I just realized....leme edit and put another lol.
Now yo answer your question properly. It has a scarfer, a spinner, a staller, a phaser, a set up sweeper, and a life orbed sweeper. I think its pretty well rounded.

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