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Hmm... I can answer dis, Flare, but it would have to be this weekend. Hope dat's alright.
Oh, dat's completely fine :D

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Mmkay Rio, time to do dis....
(Shout-out to Pokeslash- Happy Birthday (on monday)!)

First off, I'd like to address probably the biggest issue I see at first glance: Energy Cost.
Oh yeah, and somewhat weak basics.
Mmkay, lets get to the facts...

First off, 1 EX ain't gonna cut it. However, don't do any alarmingly large numbers of EXs either. I'd suggest 2-4 in any and every deck.

However, Klinklang/Coballion is currently sizing up all EXs out there, so those 2-4 that you choose are important. And I know I'm not suppose to change the origional purpose of the deck, but I really wanna throw the idea out there: Chandys. And Darkrai. You can still keep them water types in there, but the electric types are way to expensive to keep. Not to mention 7 energies would cover 2 electric types at best. Running 6 final evos at 7 energies isn't going to work out for the best. But I do think I know something that would make up for those electric types and it would be Chandelure.

Having a playset of Chandys (playlet = 4) out at one time is 120 damage before you even attack. Not to mention they don't even need energy to do those 30 damage per chandy. The only problem is retreat. You can only retreat once per turn, right? That's where Darkrai comes in. But, of course, that free retreat comes with a cost: at least 1 Dark energy per retreated pokemon, but that's not much. Not to mention that energy can get around to other pokemon, and they also get free retreat, so this game can set up nicely and moderately fast.

Okay, so far, we got a playset of Chandys, 3 Darkrai (which can also attack for Bench-spread damage), and some water types.
I got no problem with Kyogre EX, but then again, I'm breaking my own rules with the EX thing. Whatever, sometimes I don't know what I'm taking about.
Well, since I'm going 2 Kyogres, I'll also add in some Articunos for good balance. In actuality, if you aren't running a Rain Dance deck, most of the water types aren't all the great, especially if you're looking for bench-spread. So the water types are going to be heavy hitters. Only drop one of each EX down at a time and you should be good (provided one of the EXs isn't on the verge of being KOed). There really isn't much else to add, so onto the trainers.

Mmkay, lets add some catchers. Then the some drawing resources: Prof. Juniper, Cilan, Cheren. Some Dark patches to recycle those dark energies. Our Ace Spec could be the ever-amazing Computer Search. A couple Great Balls to get pokemon out of the deck. And... I'm not even entirely sure what else to add/tweak about Trainers, so I may or may not change this section.

As for energies, some Dark, some Water. That should cover it.

Pokemon: 21
x4 Litwick
x4 Lampent
x4 Chandelure
x3 Darkrai EX
x2 Kyurem
x2 Kyogure EX
x2 Articuno EX

Trainers: 18
x3 Pokemon Catchers
x3 Cilan
x3 Cheren
x2 Dark Patch
x4 Prof. Juniper
x1 Computer Search
x2 Great Ball

Energies: 21
x15 Water Energy
x6 Dark Energy

Wow. I'm sorry if this was not a good review. I feel kinda out of the TCG groove, but I promised I'd get this done. Sorry if my ratings aren't 100%.


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Aww, thank you Rio. <3 :)
I swear you worry too much? Thanks a lot, Rio. And happy birthday to Poke'slash :]