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Ok, this team is my third in UU so far. It's experienced some editing but not as much as my original teams did. Perhaps that means I'm getting better :P.
In any case the team uses a core that I first saw SlipperyDevil using, MewTank. While I used Miltank before he did, he put the two together before I did. I tried to stay away from Mew simply because Slip used it, and I didn't want to copy something that was already successful. But while working the team, I found I was lacking a good support/wall. So I went for Mew as he provides nearly unlimited roles. The team has had a fair number of losses which I contribute mainly to my increasingly minimal battle experience. The team itself is very good. It has decent synergy, albeit not perfect. It uses some regularly seen moves, but also some other stuff that I have added to better cover the team.
So I'll now move onto the team as this is what you came here for :-)

In the dead of night, you're all alone. Walking down a deserted street. You hear a noise! You whip around and see...nothing... Heart racing you walk faster, the sound of your steps pounds in your ears. You turn a corner and see crouched low to the ground, is...

enter image description here


@ Leftovers
Trait: Prankster
EVs: 248 HP / 4 Atk / 12 Def / 240 SDef / 4 Spd
Careful Nature
- Recover
- Taunt
- Will-O-Wisp
- Foul Play

Ahh how we love the Prankster's. Will-O-Wisp destroys any physical pokemon except Victini and Darmanitan, who get slaughtered by Foul Play. With Will-O-Wisp on the opponent I am free to spam Recover's and Foul Play's with this little guy. Taunt hits Umbreon and other wallers hard, preventing them from healing and doing their Clerical duties. Classic, very classic, but oh, so effective

It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. You are walking along a shaded path in the woods. Not a care in the world. Suddenly, you stop. You hear...music, in the woods to your right. Curiosity takes hold and you step off of the path to investigate this entrancing sound. Guided only by the sound of song you go ever deeper into the woods, until you stumble upon a thicket of branches. On the other side you know is where the music comes from. You find a small hole and peer through and in a bright meadow you see...

enter image description here


@ Leftovers
Trait: Serene Grace
EVs: 252 Spe / 144 HP / 112 SAtk
Timid Nature
- Shadow Ball
- Calm Mind
- Psychic
- Hidden Power [Fighting]

Charge Beam allows the ability to wreck havoc as a special sweeper, Thanks to Erick. Leftovers is my recovery. Shadow Ball - Coverage, Psychic - Main coverage and STAB, HP Fighting - Coverage. EV spread provides some bulk, speed, and SAtk for sweeping.

The sound of punches fills the air. You are at the 19th annual PokeFight Championship. It's the last round, and Machamp steps in the ring. He is the crowd favorite. And it's easy to see why. He towers over everything around him, and with 4 powerful arms he decimates his opponents. Next steps Scrafty. Smaller, awkward looking, very few take his side. But despite his looks, he lasts round after brutal round. When they near the 11th round of fighting, it's obvious Machamp is tired. His arms droop, his breathing heavy. Scrafty is still jumping around, taking hits and going strong. He lands a decimating blow. Machamp is out!!!

enter image description here


@ Chople Berry
Trait: Shed Skin
EVs: 252 HP / 40 Atk / 64 Def / 152 SDef
Adamant Nature
- Bulk Up
- Crunch
- Drain Punch
- Rest

EV spread provides perfect bulk. And after two Bulk Up's and with unlimited Rest for recovery, he waits out the opponent. Drain Punch - HP recovery and STAB for sweeping, Crunch - Secondary STAB for hitting ghosts and psychic types. Chople berry allows him to survive a fighting hit while he begins the setup.

You've been invited to a friend's house. His mother loves to garden and at one point you step outside to take a stroll. You're admiring her roses when you notice something. One of them is taller, greener, and...different, from the others. You look closer, and suddenly the rose jumps up and runs away. You realize with amazement that you just saw...

enter image description here


Black Sludge
Trait: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef
Modest Nature
- Giga Drain
- Sleep Powder
- Shadow Ball
- Hidden Power [Fire]

Sleep Powder is to eliminate pesky stallers like Umbreon who like to cleric and heal stall me. I then have the option of hitting them repeatedly, or switching out for setup. Black Sludge and Giga Drain provide recovery. Shadow Ball for coverage, HP Fire to hit mainly steel types like defensive Regi. EV spread is for bulky SAtk sweeper.

Driving down an old country lane in your car. There are fields on either side with straw, wheat, horses and cattle. You've seen it for so long that it bores you to death now. You start to get hungry, so you stop. There's no one in sight, so you simply pull over and sit down at the edge of the road to eat. The field you are looking at is about two hundred heads large (Two hundred cows) And you start to look at the nearest ones to you. As your eyes pass over them you notice that one is...different from the rest.

enter image description here


@ Leftovers
Trait: Scrappy
EVs: 244 HP / 12 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Body Slam
- Heal Bell
- Milk Drink
- Stealth Rock

My first part to the two part core. Miltank is wickedly defensive, serving as my Defensive wall. Also serves as my SRocks setter and Cleric. That beautiful ability provides a most beautiful wall, capable of crippling opponents with a Paralyze chance and hitting ghosts which would otherwise wall this poor fellow. EVs provide slightly more attack for hitting the less bulky pokemon.

Here are a few calculations:
252+ Atk Machamp DynamicPunch vs. 244 HP / 252 Def Miltank: 276-326 (70.4 - 83.16%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252 Atk Reckless Mienshao Hi Jump Kick vs. 244 HP / 252 Def Miltank: 380-450 (96.93 - 114.79%) -- 81.25% chance to OHKO

So we see with these two calcs that common SubChamp cannot OHKO, while the stronger Mienshao has a pretty significant chance (81.25%) to OHKO. For a normal pokemon, I say that's pretty good.

And the Megahorn from HeraBand:
252+ Atk Choice Band Heracross Megahorn vs. 244 HP / 252 Def Miltank: 240-283 (61.22 - 72.19%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Pretty significant damage I'd say. But still not a OHKO.

continued on answer

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best theme ever!
I do like your team Mr.K..but leave the story telling to the professional here xD
Oh, and I absolutely love that Miltank Sprite <3
Ok Prof, maybe when you stop those epic typos xD
I don't really wish to do a typo, so... This is sexy stuff Mr.K :D

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Too long for character length, so answered with last part of team here.

One day. You were walking alone. Your friends had stuff to do so they, sadly, were not able to go with you. You reached the end of your small town and you kept going. Wandering aimlessly. Eventually you came to the small bridge that crosses the creek. You get to it and you lean over the side staring into the water. Your mind wanders and you don't notice that something is sitting beside you on the railing. It speaks, and your head snaps up at the sound. It's a small pink creature and it's looking at you. "Mew?" it says...

enter image description here


@ Leftovers
Trait: Synchronize
EVs: 248 HP / 252 SDef / 8 Spd
Calm Nature
- Roost
- Substitute
- Psychic
- Will-O-Wisp

Special wall with WOW to aide it. Takes very nearly any special attack without dying. WOW cripples physical attackers who come in to destroy Mew as a special wall. Brilliantly used so long as the opponent has lost their Cleric. Even then, tough to take down. Synchronize hurts that walls who try to outwall, and Substitute brings in the wall part. Psychic hates potential guts users such as Heracross and Machamp. Roost is recovery along with leftovers.
Biggest threat Ambipom @ U-Turn : SpecsMega @ Bug Buzz : GutsCross @ Megahorn

Here are some more calcs,
252+ SpA Choice Specs Yanmega Bug Buzz vs. 248 HP / 252 SpD Mew: 356-420 (88.33 - 104.21%) -- 25% chance to OHKO
25% percent chance to OHKO from Super Effective, Bug type attack coming off of a base 116 SAtk with Choice Specs.
252 Atk Heracross Megahorn vs. 248 HP / 0+ Def Mew: 348-410 (86.35 - 101.73%) -- 12.5% chance to OHKO
Scarfed Hera has even less of a chance to KO this Mewall.

I was talking to Mike in chat, and he pointed out Banded Hera so I
ran a couple calcs... Megahorn is OHKO, this is natural of course. But,
I wouldn't stay in to take a megahorn. So here are 3 calcs that show
the other hits Mew would be taking from Hera:

252+ Atk Choice Band Heracross Stone Edge vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Mew: 175-206 (43.42 - 51.11%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Heracross Earthquake vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Mew: 175-206 (43.42 - 51.11%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Heracross Close Combat vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Mew: 156-185 (38.7 - 45.9%) -- guaranteed 3HKO

So these are the moves Mew would be taking, as I would not leave Mew
in to take a Megahorn. Let's look at the calcs for Megahorn damage on
my physical wall shall we?

Thank you for taking the time to read the team which has worked so well. The Mew set is available here.
A replay of the team in action is available here

And also, as I know people don't like it when we posters have to extend our posts into answers, check out, this and upvote it. This as well.

Once again thank you for reading.

~ MrKijani

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