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I am building a Doubles battle subway team on my pokemon black version. My team so far is:

Snorlax @ Leftovers / Chople Berry / Normal Gem
Thick fat

Crunch / Fireblast

Return for STAB, EQ for coverage against rock and steel who resist normal. Crunch to deal with ghosts or fireblast to deal with steel/grass or steel/bug. Protect because it is really good on doubles. I could also forego Protect and use Crunch and Fireblast all together.

EV's are not listed but should maximize Atk and get enough SpA so that fireblast (in case it's being used) can 0HKO common steel/grass and steel/bug targets such as scizor, durant, excavalier... The rest of the EV's should go to maximize durability.

Musharna @ Mental Herb / Sitrus berry

Trick Room
Helping Hand
Protect / Imprison / Reflect / Light Screen / Moonlight

Classic TR setter. Psychic to damage Fighting types that threaten Snorlax. The last move is very open. Protect is always useful is doubles, Imprison so that enemy can't use TR of their own, the screens to help teammates (Reflect is better since my pokes have higher SpD anyways) and Moonlight to recover Hp but I don't really like it in doubles where you can be double targetted to death.

EV's will be defensive oriented.

Amoonguss @ Mental Herb / Sitrus Berry
Effect Spore

Giga drain
Rage Powder
Protect / Sludge Bomb / Hp Ice

Again classic support set. Spore because incapacitate one opponent is too good to pass by. Giga drain for dmg and healing back. Rage Powder to aid set up TR easily for musharna in case it goes down. Last move is fairly open. As always I like protect but Sludge bomb could be used as a secondary stab and hp ice can surprise common Flying/Dragon or Flying/Ground types.

EV's will be defensive oriented.

As you see I need another team member for the team but I cannot decide. The only restrictions are that it has to be obtainable through Pokemon Black only (no trades with other versions). I think that an offensive poke would be good to back up snorlax since the other 2 pokes are more defensive/support oriented. Another option would be to have a TR setter with more firepower like Chandelure (w/ Focus Sash) so that Musharna is the backup TR setter.

As for TR sweepers I am thinking Armaldo (for the Dark types that threaten Musharna) most notably... but if you have a better option I am all ears.

Any recommendations are appreciated.

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EVs and natures please

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I say 2 things

1 replace your snorlax with Haxorus. I suggest this spread.
[email protected] leftovers
Adamant nature
252 Attk 252 spd 4 HP
Dragon dance/swords dance
Dragon claw
Shadow claw

haxorus has massive attack and with dragon dance can easily KO anything, Dragon claw for STAB, earthquake for coverage against steel types, shadow claw to help cover both Amoonguss and Musharna.

And of course, Scrafty.
[email protected] expert belt
252 attk 252 spd 4 Def
adamant/jolly nature
Hi jump kick
Ice punch (obtainable through breeding)
Dragon dance (breeding also)
Stone edge/filler

Scrafty is wonderful, I mean I use one, and this is the best moveset I've got for gen 5. Hi jump kick for stab and ridiculous power, Dragon dance to build speed, Ice punch for ground and dragon coverage, and stone edge for flying and bug.

Haxorus is way too fast to be used in a trick room set.
Replace Scrafty's dragon dance with bulk up.