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Feels like somethings off about my OU stall Team

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So my OU Stall list that i use for local games and events (which all have a no legendary rule) currently looks like this.

  1. Ferrothorn
    Item - Rocky Helmet
    Nature - Relaxed
    Moves - ~ Stealth Rock
     ~ Leech Seed
     ~ Power Whip
     ~ Gyro Ball

    EV's 252HP/ 48Def / 208SpD

Role: big bulky wall for setting up stealth rock and waiting everything out

  1. Jellicent
    Item - Leftovers
    Nature - Calm
    Ability - Water Absorb
    Moves - ~ Scald
     ~ Recover
     ~ Will - O - Wisp
     ~ Shadow Ball

    EV's 250HP / 36Def / 222SpD

Role: Special Tank/Starmie removal Engine (very important here)/compliment to skarmory/ferrothorn

  1. Skarmory
    Item - Shed Shell
    Nature - Impish
    Ability - Sturdy
    EV's 224hp / 252Def / 32 SpD
    Moves ~ Spikes
    ~ Roost
    ~ Whirlwind
    ~ Brave Bird

Role: Physical Wall with the ability to shuffle opponents pokemon into hazard damage with WW

  1. Tenticruel
    Item - Black Sludge
    Ability - Rain Dish
    Nature - Timid
    EV's 248hp / 244Def / 16Spe
    Moves - ~ Rapid Spin
     ~ Toxic
     ~ Scald
     ~ Protect

Role: Sinner/Status dealer

  1. Blissey
    Item - Leftovers
    Ability - Natural Cure
    Nature - Calm
    EV's 4hp / 252Def / 252SpD
    Moves - ~ Wish
     ~ Aromatherapy
     ~ Toxic
     ~ FlameThrower

Role: Cleric/Special Wall/ Basic Blissedin stuff

  1. Tyranitar
    Item - Focus Sash
    Ability - UNNERVE
    Nature - Hasty
    EV's 4ATK / 252SpA / 252Spe
    Moves - ~ Crunch
     ~ Roar
     ~ Stealth Rock

    ~ Low Kick

Role: Lead/use roar to trigger hazards/Deal with Ghost/Kangaskhan issues

so thats my list ive been running for a while now. I feel like its pretty well explained and works decently enough EXCEPT tyranitar. It always feels like i could get a whole lot more use out of that slot but for the life of me I cant figure out what with. (Ive tried a few things to no avail) Part of it is that a large reason he is in the list at all is because a Friend of mine runs an all Ghost team just to throw a wrench in peoples plans which turned out to be weirdly effective (a lot of the players in the area are not too good)

The other part is because there is a disturbing influx of mega kangaskhan around lately.

Im also not completely thrilled with blissey either but when shes actually needed she deffinately pulls her weight.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: I usually play in local tournaments and with people around college and while I will go to events and stuff I tend to stay away from anything super competetive.

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if u want a stalling pokemon train a female furfrou holding a red card and have it know these moves: 1. sand attack/flash whichever u prefer, 2. attract, 3.substitute, and 4. giga impact. its great in a singles battle once u've used moves like stealth rock and spikes I recommend it for ur team it'll stall out for at least until the opponents hp is 3 quarters depleted and I suggest replacing tentacruel's toxic for toxic spikes for full affect of furfrou
You have a great team

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