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Any suggestions for this E-Reader Fire TCG Deck?

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Only card from Expedition, Aquapolis, and Skyridge are allowed. However, Energy cards from previous sets are allowed.

Pokemon: 19

x4 Vulpix (Aquapolis)-Collect Fire can be used to build up Vulpix for Ninetales. Needed for evolution.
x3 Ninetales (Aquapolis)-Miracle Tail is solid, for one energy doing 10 damage and having the chance of inflicting my choice of status on the foe. Roasting Heat can do 60 for three energy if the foe is burned, which is nice.
x3 Eevee (Aquapolis)-It has a chance of doing 20 damage for one energy. Needed for evolution.
x2 Flareon (Skyridge)-Self-healing keeps me protected from status. Burn Booster is a decent three for 50 attack.
x2 Growlithe (60 HP) (Aquapolis)-It has 60 HP. Needed for evolution.
x1 Arcanine (Skyridge)-Energy Charge can make it a threat right away. Shake can be a Gust of Wind if used right. White Flames is a three for 70 damage attack and I have Trainer cards that can be used to recover Energy discarded.
x4 Miltank (Aquapolis)- It has 60 HP and no weakness to Water. Continuous Tumble does 20 damage times the number of heads I get until I flip tails.

Trainers: 20

x4 Energy Restore (Expedition)-To bring Energy back into my hand.
x4 Oracle (Skyridge)-Pretty much gives me five free cards (play it so that the first card you draw is the one you want, then have the second card be another Oracle. Repeat this until you run out of Oracle.)
x4 Fisherman (Skyridge)-To bring Energy back into my hand,
x3 Pokemon Nurse (Expedition)-Heals my Pokemon. If Arcanine had just attacked and discarded all its energies last turn, I can use this and heal it back up without losing any more energies. Even if I do use this on a card that has Energy, I have Trainers that bring them back into my hand and deck.
x2 Town Volunteers (Aquapolis)-Gets Pokemon and more importantly Energy back into my deck.
x2 Juggler (Aquapolis)-I can discard Energy to draw cards. This works well with Arcanine and with all the Trainers I have that bring Energy back into my hand and deck.
x1 Mary's Impulse (Expedition)-Card drawing.

Energy: 21

x17 Fire Energy-Needed.
x4 Double Colorless Energy (Base)-Used with Miltank, Ninetales, and Flareon.

Fire got burnt in the first three E-Reader sets. This is the best I could do with them. Attacks do good damage, and although Energy is lost, it can be recovered with my Trainers.

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