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Only card from the Neo series allowed, meaning Genesis, Discovery, Revelation, and Destiny. However, Energy from previous series as well as the Mysterious Fossil card are allowed.

Pokemon: 18

x3 Larvitar (Destiny)-The better evolution, as it has... attacks that can do something. Needed for evolution.
x2 Dark Pupitar (Destiny)-Rock Tackle is fairly powerful, two for 40. Explosive Evolution is great. If I flip heads, not only do I do 10 damage to each of my opponent's Pokemon but I also evolve Pupitar.
x2 Dark Tyranitar (Destiny)-Mountain Smasher is great. A chance for 20 damage times the number of energy Tyranitar has, and a Wildfire effect built into that? Hell yeah! Fling Away can also do some nice damage and finishes off weakened Pokemon on the bench as well as KOing any Baby Pokemon before they can come out and get protection with their ability. Also resistance to Electric.
x2 Swinub (Revelation)-It has Electric Resistance and not much else. For evolution.
x1 Piloswine (Revelation)-A solid 90 HP, attack that heals off 30 damage, an attack that does 80 damage for four energy, and Electric resistance. A good Pokemon.
x2 Tyrogue (Discovery)-A nice basic to start out with. Not only can it be completely immune to opponent's attacks, it can hit for one Energy for a chance at 30 damage. Also has no weakness.
x2 Hitmonlee (Destiny)-Either evolve Tyrogue if it is about to go down or just use it as a basic. 60 HP. For two energy it has a chance for 40 damage and with three energy a chance at 60 damage, making it a solid attacker.
x3 Gligar (Genesis)-60 HP, Fighting resistance, and no retreat. A good basic.
x1 Sneasel (Genesis)-Hits hard with a chance at 140 dmage for two energy and 30-40 damage with one energy. 60 HP, no weakness, Psychic resistance, and no retreat cost make this an excellent Pokemon.

Trainers: 21

x4 Gold Berry (Genesis)-Good for healing.
x4 Pokemon March (Genesis)-I either thin out my foe's deck in addition to getting a Basic or I get a Basic out while my opponent gets nothing. Win/Win.
x3 Mary (Genesis)-Card drawing that doesn't deck me.
x3 Team Rocket's Evil Deeds (Destiny)-Like a Rocket's Sneak attack with any type of card. This can get a potentiall dangerous card out of my way and give me time to prepare. It also makes the foe draw two cards, bringing them closer to decking themselves.
x2 Pokemon Personality Test (Destiny)-The opponent has a choice: Either be closer to decking theirself or giving me three cards (most of the time their guess of neither is going to be right, so we'll say they have a choice in what happens.) Again, Win/Win.
x2 Focus Band (Genesis)-Goes along great with Tyrogue, giving it a better chance at surviving.
x2 Professor Elm (Genesis)-Card drawing.
x1 Super Energy Retrieval (Genesis)-Bring back any energies. less needed due to a lack of Energy removal in Neo, besides a few attacks.

Energy: 21

x18 Fighting Energy-Needed.
x3 Darkness Energy (Genesis)-Needed for Sneasel and helpful for my other Pokemon, especially Dark Tyranitar and Pupitar.

A Fighting type deck with a bit of a Wildfire theme going on.

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Shouldn't you have more of those Sneasel? And what about having Special Darkness energies?
Only Darkness Energy available at the time http://serebii.net/card/neogenesis/104.shtml (ignore the serebii text and look at the actual card text). Only four in a deck. Due to Sneasel needing two Darkness Energy in order to work, having more than one is incredibly risky, especially if your foe has a card with an Energy Removal attack.
howz about this: http://serebii.net/card/neodestiny/108.shtml

Good 3 for 30+ with a chance to hit all benched for 10 damage
And needing both Water and Electric Energy as well as Fighting. Far too unreliable for a pure Fighting deck and would also require support from Ecogym, more Super Energy Retrieval, and likely Energy Ark. While this is indeed doable, the gains from doing this would be less than what I would gain with the cards I would otherwise keep.

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